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Maddus Mattus Maddus Mattus Maddus on C9, Is often ​controversi​al, But fun ​none-the-​less -​evildictait​or
  • *UPDATE* Cool new iPhone, now with exploit goodness

    Dylan Copeland wrote:
    The fact that you don't realize that this is my opinion on this topic really says that you are a ├▒azi that wants everyone to be the same and everyone to think a like. You sir, are the one that is embarrassing yourself.
    You sir have no right to call anyone a (I need to watch my language). Move along please.

  • Gang kidnaps RPG Player

    Lloyd, I dont see anything wrong with your online gaming habits. I've been there myself and it's up to your mental strength to resist it becomming an obsession. And by the looks of the sports you are still doing, it doesnt seem an obession to me.

    I've also played for like 3 years, almost 140 ingame days. If they havent played it, they dont know what it is like. I've always played with some of my real life friends and it always gave us something to talk about. I quit because I didnt have the time to spend on it when I was in school.

    What I think is missing in the discussion here is that you can develop skills in online gaming that are valuable in real life. Such as patience, learning to deal with setbacks, leadership, working hard for, teamplaying, netiquette and social skills. I got a real kick out of hooking up with 50 people and killing some bigg bossmob.

    I have been a part of 2 large guilds in my EQ career, they still meet up in real life regulary.

    www.lowlandelites.nl (dutch)
    www.ragingfury.org (danish english)

  • Gang kidnaps RPG Player

    The fee is nominal, it guarantees that it doenst turn into BattleNet (Diablo town hack anyone?). It's almost the same fee as an X-Box live account.

    Bas wrote:
    Yeah, it's insane. I mean, it'd be like buying a phone, and then having to pay the telephone company to actually be able to use the service.

    priceless Smiley

  • Gang kidnaps RPG Player

    I've played both EverQuest and WoW and I can tell you from first hand experience that some players take it way to seriously.

    Had fun times though. Especially raiding in the middle of the night and doing corpse runs till morning. Good times Smiley

  • Searching for title of old futuristic racing game


  • Is Vista a failure

    Thanks Big Smile

  • Is Vista a failure

    AndyC wrote:
    Hmm, personally I'd have gone with MS-DOS 4.0, at least Bob worked even if it wasn't a particularly good idea.

    In Holland we have a bloke called Bob, he is the one who drives you home when everyone else has had a good time drinking.

    I am probeply to young Smiley to know about Bob and I am really interested to know why you think Bob is a failure.

    What constitutes a failure? Really,....

    I think it is up for Microsoft to decide wether they deem Vista a failure (fat chance!).

  • Is Vista a failure

    No Vista is not a failure. How can any software product be a failure? What are the standards for a failed software product?

    The question should have been:

    Are you using Vista?

    Yes I am using Vista. Yes I have had my share of headaches. Yes I had them with XP. But even my girlfriend uses Vista and she is really happy about it.

  • No GPLv3 for Linux?

    I am really amazed about how down to earth Linus is.

    I thought all Linux "users" are like the relegious fanatics that are posting here, spreading the gospel.

    Man I love developing on the .Net platform. Free use of EntLib, WCSF, .Net framework, etc. . I have never felt so free,..

  • Microsoft draws the line in the sand

    Obviously this is not an issue developers should worry about. I think we simply lack the expertise. We should let this up to the lawyers and see what they turn up with.