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  • Anders Hejlsberg and Lars Bak: TypeScript, JavaScript, and Dart

    The very title of show was very compelling to watch!! Techno heads from competing companies have to compare and contrast their technologies.. how else this discussion could have been?

    I am not sure comparing v8 innovation to Dart innovation is same. As a developer I would not program only for chrome.. though I love google technologies.. I got a feeling the expectation from google (or Lars) is MS could have used Dart VM in IE rather than innovating in JavaScript space. Would be big good for community if all big heads agree on common VM.

    But the overall show was good to watch.. nice mix of technical and business issues... wish there are more shows like this.

  • - Announcing the Windows Azure AppFabric June CTP

    Hi thanks for this great video!!! I've a question. In the azure scenario how does the application's stability controlled? Meaning how do you ensure at a high level the app is not misbehaving in terms of memory, cpu, etc. What kind measures are need to be fulfilled to publish the application? Regards, Madhan