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When will the people learn that the Federal Reserve is about as federal as Federal Express? Wake up people and be free. Why should we let private Federal Reserve Shareholders get paid interest for every dollar printed? This is the source of all scarcity. Even if all the money circulated was paid back to Federal Reserve, it still would not cover the the interest because the never print the interest. If you are smart enough to understand why over time this will allow the private Federal Reserve Shareholders to accumulate all wealth, then spread the word. This has got to change or we will always have a society much worse off than it could be if we had a monetary system free from debt. JFK tried to change this by issuing $4 Billion of Silver Certificate Notes backed by Silver. This is the primary reason he was killed by elements within CIA, DOD, Secret Service, Executive Branch (Be sure to Google 'JFK The Wink') and business.