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When will the people learn that the Federal Reserve is about as federal as Federal Express? Wake up people and be free. Why should we let private Federal Reserve Shareholders get paid interest for every dollar printed? This is the source of all scarcity. Even if all the money circulated was paid back to Federal Reserve, it still would not cover the the interest because the never print the interest. If you are smart enough to understand why over time this will allow the private Federal Reserve Shareholders to accumulate all wealth, then spread the word. This has got to change or we will always have a society much worse off than it could be if we had a monetary system free from debt. JFK tried to change this by issuing $4 Billion of Silver Certificate Notes backed by Silver. This is the primary reason he was killed by elements within CIA, DOD, Secret Service, Executive Branch (Be sure to Google 'JFK The Wink') and business.


  • Creating a modular application using Prism V2 - Screencast 1/4 : Creating a shell and modules

    I am confused as to the last part of the presentation where you used category.TypeOf(DiggModule) and make a reference you say shouldn't really be made?  Demos and training can sometimes be difficult for people who are really trying to make their code better and more flexible by using Dependency Injection and Inversion of Control, etc.  However, then you will see things in demos which completely contradict what you have learned.  Just once, I would like to read an article or see a demo where no compromises are made so I can really see what it's like to follow all of these practices.


    I understand that sometimes these things are done for various reasons and mean no criticism of your demo.  I just want you to know that for people who are not yet familiar with everything yet, it can be frustrating and confusing since you never get to see an example that is in complete agreement with what is being taught.


  • Luca Bolognese: C# and VB.NET Co-Evolution - The Twain Shall Meet

    I don't think LINQ to SQL is going to go away in near future.  Please see the following:


    I think both languages should have identical features and agree with direction Microsoft is taking.  I really do think that the syntax of all languages should move away from C or C++ syntax and think the way code is formatted is ridiculous.  There should be an easy, visual way to see Threads, Memory, Branching, Logic, Types, Delegates, Pointers, Reference Types, Value Types, Logic, Flow, Nullable, Generic, Data, XML, JSON, Service, Characters, Strings, Classes, Interfaces, Objects, Events, Configuration, Attributes, Inheritance, Lambda's, etc.


    In other words, typing /n is so stupid and just another ritual that is tolerated.  Syntax or constructs which are not intuitive and demand memorization instead of knowledge is either C or C++ religion, and just one more obstacle in the way of solving the actual problem because it is useless and gets in the way of seeing more concisely what is actually going on.  The word alludes me right now yet I think it has been referred to as ritual/routine or something like that.  I am not for abstracting away all of the language either because then you cannot really see what is taking place.  The perfect language in my opinion would be self modeling, self documenting, have immediate recognizable function, concise, visual, and require zero memorization (Intellisense Nirvana).  In order to achieve this, I think it would be necessary to create new universal symbols for certain programming items kind of analgous to the road signs that have Deer Crossing.


    I know, I'm a dreamer.

  • Arun Kishan: Inside Windows 7 - Farewell to the Windows Kernel Dispatcher Lock

    I am a C# Developer who has always worked with Locking, Threads, etc through .NET and never through C++ libraries.  Even though that is the case, would it not help optimization to have a mechanism for the developer to suggest/hint to the OS an okay timeframe for a long running Wait to be loaded back from Paged Memory?  In other words, a developer may know it is never important for a certain Thread to be running again for let us say 15 days.  Consequently, she/he can add a TimeSpan argument to his Thread Function/Method that gives a hint to OS that while it might be less than 15 days that Thread says it now wants to run because Wait was satisfied or whatever; he is okay with it taking up to 15 days.  Then, the OS could decide based on OS Processor's resources to not have to pay any attention to this Job/Thread running again in Non-Paged Memory if 15 days has transpired.  If OS Resources are at a very low rate of utilization and there is plenty to go around for all Threads/Processes, it could then check this Thread/Job to see if it wants to run sooner than 15 days.


    Does this make sense?  If it does, is this already built into Windows 7 or even Vista/XP?  The basic thing I am trying to say is to give the OS a shortcut to skip over Thread Wait checks if resources are very low.  In other words, the Threads with hints like those that I mention above could be set aside completely in Paged Memory or even to Disk if there were many demands on resources and not even have to be checked to see if they need to run if need be.  Then, when resources were plentiful, they could be checked to see if they might want to be run and initiated at maybe a time where OS is, running yet User(s) are in bed, not at Server/Computer, etc.


    It would be analogous to a Doctor triage where the Doctor could say, Yes, No, Revisit in 2 hours if you have time yet do not even think about this guy/gal unless you have nothing else to do.