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  • Rx Workshop: Reactive Coincidence

    What I ended up with in query and fluent:
                var query = from down in mouseDown
                            join delta in
                                from move in mouseMove.Buffer(2)
                                select Subtract(move.Last(), move.First())
                                on mouseUp equals Observable.Empty<Unit>() 
                            select delta;
    //            var query = Observable.Join(
    //                mouseDown,
    //                mouseMove.Buffer(2).Select(b => Subtract(b.Last(), b.First())),
    //                _ => mouseUp,
    //                _ => Observable.Empty<EventArgs>(),
    //                (_, r) => r);
    ...though interested if anyone came up with a way to buffer then collapse after the join (I battered my head against that approach for a while before going for this).
    Also ended up with the same sln as BennyG first time after missreading the subscribe lambda...

  • Windows Presentation Foundation - Everywhere?

    Hi Mike and co...

    Doing an eval on WPF and its different flavours here and am due to deliver the report in a couple of weeks. Have POC'd WPF native, XBAP, even some Atlas, but was hoping that the 'summer' CTP of WPF/E might make it into this... any chance? or even any samples, code, captures, etc that would allow me to factor some of it into our future strategy?