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Mark Seymour Manabi Take back the web!
  • Win7 RC AV

    On my family's Windows XP Home SP3, Intel Celeron D, 512 MB system, we had AVG for some time, and I noticed how sluggish it was. The only time that we had malware or viruses was when my little brother installed random toolbars.

    That said, I just switched it over to Avira AntiVir. I've heard alot of good things about ESET NOD32 as well.

  • The New Channel 9 Editor

    Sven Groot said:

    Just testing source code formatting:

    private void DownHeap(int index)
        T item = _heap[index];
        int count = _heap.Count;
        int firstChild = (index << 1) + 1;
        int secondChild = firstChild + 1;
        int smallestChild = (secondChild < count && Comparer.Compare(_heap[secondChild], _heap[firstChild]) < 0) ? secondChild : firstChild;
        while( smallestChild < count && Comparer.Compare(_heap[smallestChild], item) < 0 )
            _heap[index] = _heap[smallestChild];
            index = smallestChild;
            firstChild = (index << 1) + 1;
            secondChild = firstChild + 1;
            smallestChild = (secondChild < count && Comparer.Compare(_heap[secondChild], _heap[firstChild]) < 0) ? secondChild : firstChild;
        _heap[index] = item;

    EDIT: Ok, that works, only copy/pasting directly from VS messes up the spacing. And there's still a text overflow issue with long lines of source code.

    Hm... When I click on the "Smilies" button, instead of opening in what I assume was to be a second window, it opens in a second tab, restores, resizes my window, and centres it. Very annoying. (It's not like any of us actually clicks it though, right? Wink)

  • Weird unclickable area.

    ManipUni said:
    Lauch Microsoft Spy++ and use the "Find Window" tool. Drop it over the window and discover who is putting transparent windows in the middle of the screen.
    I don't have Spy++ but I did find Winspector Spy: http://www.windows-spy.com/

    It turns out that it's coming from Foobar2000, possibly foo_title.  I just shut down Foobar2000, and the symptoms have disappeared.  I removed dotnet_title.dll from my components folder, and it no longer appears when I run Foobar2000.

  • Weird unclickable area.

    I've noticed the past week, there is an area on my screen that is unclickable.

    For instance, I'm working with SQL in Access 2007.  An error message pops up that tells me that I'm doing something wrong. I go to click the 'OK' button.  I can't.

    I have to move the window up a little bit to click the button.

    At the moment, it's around 45% from the top of my screen and seems to vary a little, It was once around 75% and only went from the left side to about 1/5th of the screen width, it's weird. I click on the area, and the taskbar button stays pressed, and the window appears to be deactivated.

    4-month-old Toshiba Satellite A350 with Windows Vista x64.

  • Post Your Desktop March '09

  • Figuring out data about my ISP's network from the hostname?

    I was doing a tracert to my college's website (which refused to return any information after I went past the Dept. of Education's 'trade-router,') and I noticed this hostname after my router gateway's IP:

    loop0.49w.ba09.hlfx.ns.aliant.net []

    What I'm assuming here that loop0 is the subscriber line I'm connected to (possibly within residence? We have switches set up as well as a fiber optic link going out from the building), but I'm not sure about 49w or ba09 (which I am assuming could be the backbone.)

    Just curious. Smiley

  • Web Development Music (redux)

    About a year ago, I made a post regarding Web Development music.

    So I pose the question once more, with an extension:

    What kind of music do you like to listen to while doing Web Development, or even coding or designing in general?

    To answer my own question (which I believe that I never answered back then Tongue Out), I like listening to trance/j-trance, alternative rock, and folk. Sometimes I need something energetic to get me going, or sometimes I just need something help me think.

  • Portable settings ​(AppName.​exe.config) in C#

    I've been looking through Google for a good while trying to find an answer to my question... How do I make my application save and load it's settings from a single file (AppName.exe.config, ex. "Vanilla.exe.config") that is located in the same folder as the executable?

  • Last poster wins

    Bass said:
    SlackmasterK said:
    Needs more monitors imo.
    over 9000 should do. Tongue Out

  • Checkout this taskmanager! win2k8R2

    So, I guess that this is what the new taskbar will look like in Classic mode. Smiley