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  • An interview with Jamie

    Jamie rules!

    (I'm still listening to the vultures)

    Good video.
  • Scoble: Exit Stage Left

    Bye Scoble, good luck at the new job.

    PS - Your interview technique was original and good even if I did give you a hard time here or there.

  • New Role for Bill in July 2008

    I love Bill's sub concious no <shakes head> when he talks about getting Ray Ozy(?) on Channel 9... Good video... Nice work 9 team Smiley
  • Project Glidepath

    The video makes it sound interesting, but the buzz-word filled web-site just makes me want to run a mile ... I won't explain I'll just post the opening page:

    Site wrote:
    Project Glidepath is a MicroISV Evangelism program that delivers the workflow-based guidance, sample code, content and technology you need to create successful applications for Windows Vista.

    A freely available VS2005 Software Factory add-in that provides specific content, technology and templates for buliding applications for Windows Vista and .Net Framework 3.0.

    Workflow-based guidance regarding all aspects of being in the software business. This includes everything you need regarding the technical and non-technical aspects of starting and succeeding as a MicroISV.

    Delivered as Project Glidepath “packages”, all the content is dynamically delivered via RSS feeds so your factory can always stay up-to-date

    The bold bits are bull.

    Who is this web-site aimed at? Seriously?

  • Lee Bandy on IPv6

    brian2k1 wrote:
    Is there any possibility that these Ch9 videos will have an iPod Feed or at least the videos in m4v format in the near future?

    Unlikely but you can download this in WMV and convert it to any format you want.
  • Jessica Arnold gives us a look at Outlook 2007

    SlackmasterK wrote:
    Beer28 wrote: She's hot!

    Jeez, dude, let's try to keep this professional.  Weren't you banned?

    wtf? Nobody said that SlackmasterK...
  • Jessica Arnold gives us a look at Outlook 2007

    OK this post is wildly off-topic and has nothing to do with the video (Feel free to remove it if it is too inappropriate - I don't mind).

    Smart women are far hotter than hot women (did that make any sense?), geek girls (and game girls) too. None of which has anything to do with the comments made here.

    We are not posting on some gaming site, or other "boys club" and although C9 isn't exactly an internal forum there should be some level of peer respect. Even if you think a thought about the professional in the video (male or female) it really isn't necessary to post about it.

    Apart from the fact it adds nothing positive to the discussion, it also is disrespectful to anyone who is trying to make a 'serious' point.

    It is almost like saying -- "Shut-up and dance for daddy." -- It shows that level of disrespect in my opinion.

  • Jessica Arnold gives us a look at Outlook 2007

    Cyonix wrote:
    Its still discrimination just positive discrimination

    There's no such thing... Positive discrimination means you are negatively discriminating against someone else.
  • Jessica Arnold gives us a look at Outlook 2007

    It adds RSS but does it add newsgroups (NNTP)?
    Will it, or can I import my PST file?

    Can it "Save as web page" your calender in an automated fashion (e.g. Every time you exit Outlook)? Answered but don't like the answer I got.

    Have they removed "Plain Text" from the Outlook editor? Does it only support HTML messages now?
  • Wandering around Maker Faire

    Charles wrote:
    I use a heavy tripod (no need to talk to Scoble ). But, I don't travel with it.

    Thanks for the feedback.

    The video overall is one of the best you guys have done. Very interesting variety of interviews and certainly a change from those shot within Microsoft. The hand mic does help a lot compared to some of these outside interviews you guys have done before.
  • Wandering around Maker Faire

    lol ...

    That pre-bit was cool... But it could have been better if you had used a heavy tripod (talk to scoble) and as I said if you had cleared off the ambient sound. Things sound a thousand times louder on a microphone than in real life...

    Look at it this way... by processing the sound you make it sound MORE realistic not less.

    PS - Vegetable oil powered cars are illegal here in the UK

  • Wandering around Maker Faire

    Any filter will do the job ... Just drop everything before 250 Hz and after 2 KHz ... Or scale it down as it leaves the natural voice range, which sounds a bit cleaner... But as nobody was speaking you can just drop it off completely.

    If you want to use VirtualDub which is free ... Turn on full processing and advanced filters then add a highpass and a lowpass ... Set the lowpass to 3000 and the highpass to 200.

    edit: For clarity

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