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  • Jim Allchin - The Longhorn Update

    scobleizer wrote:
    As to OS/2: that failed because there weren't any applications for it.

    Here's a hint: Longhorn will run all apps that run on Windows XP. Lots of apps means that OS/2's problems won't revisit. At least Longhorn won't fail for those reasons.

    But Linux can run XP apps..

    Anyway not too many people cared about porting their 16bit apps from 3.x, if OS/2 wasn't so buggy we could be using that right now instead of XP. OS/2 did come out first after all.

    scobleizer wrote:
    Manip2: WinFS was never a replacement for NTFS, it always sat on top of (and used) an existing file system.

    So, it could be shipped later. Very easily.

    Yeah, but the question is.. will an installation not writen to support WinFS be able to handle it on the system?

    PS: way WAY too many posts, consolidation!
  • Jim Allchin - The Longhorn Update

    I really want to know how you can ship a file-system after the fact. Really, can you imagine if NTFS had been shipped in Windows 2000 SP2.

    I think this new file system sounds like a load of rubbish but that isn't really the point, you can't release it as another update and expect people to just update their systems. Not to mention that if they do this update and use their original installation media to re-install they will lose their data!

    In *my* opinion you should drop it from the longhorn client completely. Don't even try and release it later. The server version is fine but make sure it isn't a patch and is there for us on release day.

    Hardcore release dates means they will drop some testing or re-testing. So when you first boot longhorn make sure to run Windows Update because I guarantee there will be something waiting for you.

    This thing might go belly up; I can definitely see that happening. People might look back and say 'If Microsoft had delayed but taken the time to make a solid product they wouldn't have lost to Linux' - This has happened before, go google for OS/2. And everyone knows history repeats its self.