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  • The Advancement of Windows: Michael Fortin - Windows Vista SuperFetch

    I agree, I was expecting to find it pretty interesting, but it was even moreso - very well explained, suitable for audiences of all levels of technical knowledge, and engaging too, despite no real visual element!

    Michael not only knows his stuff but he's able to communicate it effectively with a natural manner. Seems like a good bloke (as we say over here in England)... and congrats to him on his new title! Smiley

    Would make a good podcast... or should I say "ZuneCast"?! Tongue Out

    Anyway, I'll definitely be looking forward to buying a new laptop in a year or two which incorporates all the technologies he touched on, although must admit that I had a WTF moment when he was going through his ideal PC's specs... only 2GB of (main/volatile) RAM?! I'm sure the multimedia applications of the future will need more headspace than that... I'll take the 32GB option please! Wink

    Finally, what screensaver was running in the background? Can I download it or do I have to wait for Vista?!