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Mark Brown Mark Brown

    Wow! That is so cool. Congrats Jamie. You deserve it Smiley

  • New Mini Video Series, Cannon PI

    The first episode is now live, you can check it out here, http://channel9.msdn.com/posts/Mark+Brown/Cannon-PI-To-Catch-An-Eagle/ btw, there's a reference to The Wizard of Oz in this video. See if you can find it.

    Enjoy Smiley

  • New Mini Video Series, Cannon PI

    The MS Web Platform Team has created a new short web video series, Cannon PI. We have the show's title sequence up on Channel 9. Take a sec to check it out and have a few laughs, you may recognize a couple of folks in the intro. I'll be posting episode one tomorrow.


    (btw, what's up with this editor? Smiley )

  • Comfortable Work Shoes

    Clarks are my favorite.

  • The Web Platform Installer

    Funny you should ask. This is my new team here at Microsoft.

    To your question, yes anything you install through the WebPI will get updated through that tool. You don't need to go elsewhere for anything in there. The way this works is that the tool checks a manifast file and if there is something new or updated it indicates this in the UI. You click it and BAM you're getting updated Smiley

    EDIT: With regards to your question about WU, no, it wouldn't show up there.

    EDIT 2: I'm doing a crummy job of answering your question Barry. Basically you have to run the tool every so often to see if there are updates. It doesn't "push" things to you like WU does. Hope that's more complete Smiley

  • spring is coming...  :)

    I wish I could say the same for Seattle. Snow level going down to 100 ft (that's 30.48 meters for you Jamie Smiley) tonight here in the Seattle area. It's March dagnabbit, come on Spring Smiley

  • Who's on Twitter then?

    Cyonix said:

    I've decided I like the idea of twitter and I'm going to start using it. Now to convince other people to start using it lol

    I also found a nice twitter client: Chirp

    I just tried out Chirp tonight. While it has a nice UI, I can't for the life of me, figure out how to scroll for older tweets. As desktop clients go I'm still thinking Twirl is a better choice. Although for simplicity the web site is as good as any tool there is.

  • Who's on Twitter then?

    Bas said:
    Mark Brown said:

    Didn't IM and e-mail already solve that problem years ago though? I mean, I'm speaking with friends across the atlantic several times a week, and when I meet them in person, there's no need to catch up because we've been connected for all that time already.

    In this case, I can see how you can "post" something that doesn't really need a reply or isn't really addressed to a specific person, so it's more suitable for those "What I'm doing currently" messages, but.. didn't facebook, myspace et cetera already offer that years ago? I guess I just don't see what Twitter makes possible that wasn't possible just as easily before.

    Yes, that's exactly it. The thing with Twitter is that I have some friends on Twitter and some of FB and I use the Twitter connection thingy so that when I update Twitter, FB gets updated too.

    Plus, updating is easier from a mobile phone and I like the forcing funciton of 140 characters. Nothing drives conciseness better. Smiley

  • Who's on Twitter then?

    I'm a on again, off again Twitter user, twitter.com/markjbrown. Depends what I'm doing, drives my wife crazy sometimes because I'll tweet stuff we're doig etc. I also use it to tell people about cool stuff I see on the internets. Overall I like Twitter. FB, etc. Many of my friends live thousands of miles away from me and it's an easy way to feel connected with each other.

  • Pics (+ location)

    Sven Groot said:
    Ion Todirel said:
    Sure, although I'm bad at remembering names. Smiley

    On the left with the meat, tofu and vegetables is sukiyaki. A fire is lit below that so you prepare it yourself. Below that is a raw egg; break it in the bowl, and dip the stuff from the sukiyaki in the egg.

    Then we have a fish, I forgot what kind exactly. There are two ways to eat those: you can try to pick the meat from the bones (which is horribly complicated with hashi (chopsticks)), or you can eat the whole thing, including the bones, head and tail. That's how you're supposed to eat it, and that's what I did. I was the only one in our group brave enough to do that though. Big Smile

    Below the fish on the left is some mountain vegatable thingy (I said I was terrible with names Tongue Out ), quite sweet, very nice. To the right of that some pickles, a staple of every Japanese meal. To the right of the fish is caviar with some white stuff (can't remember), and below that some other vegetables which I also can't remember the name of. Wink

    On the right is tempura (various deep fried stuff, usually vegetables), and the green stuff is salt for the tempura.

    There's two up-side-down bowls. One is for rice, the other for soup. The soup itself is in the pot above the sukiyaki on the left (this also has a fire under it), that wasn't mine though, my soup is out of frame on the right. There was also sashimi, also out of frame.

    Of course, we drank hot sake with this; there is no better drink in cold weather. Smiley

    That's about it. Smiley
    Damn that meal looks good. HUGE fan of Japanese food. I'm very jealous. I've had very few meals where I've seen a meal with as many goodies as that on one table.