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Mark DeFalco

Mark DeFalco MarkDeFalco

Niner since 2011

I'm a dev on Channel 9. I also help out with the behind the scenes of Build and TechEd.

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  • Xbox One and Smartglass App for Channel 9

    , Relwolf wrote

    If Microsoft wants to compete with Apple and Google they need to provide a device that is much cheaper than $500 to interface with a TV, ChromeCast and Apple TV are sub $100 devices and that is what I'd like to develop against.  If you step back and look at what Apple has with Apple TV all of their devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone) can send the screen directly to it.  In addition there are apps on the Apple TV for audio / video. 

    I get that Smart glass is trying to provide additional information about what is shown on the TV but there is a bigger market for the area that Apple TV and ChromeCast address, an area that Microsoft doesn't address at all because WiDi / Miracast basically has the PTV-3000 from Netgear and the only thing it does is stream your screen, there aren't any apps on it and it costs more than ChromeCast and is about the same cost as Apple TV. 

    As of Windows 8.1, we support Miracast to add wireless displays to your devices. Miracast is a standard supported by the Wi-Fi alliance.  Newer televisions are coming out built in with the standard, but for now you can pick up an adapter much like the ones you list above well below the $100 mark.

  • Ping 204: Build Recap, Channel 9 on Xbox One, Lumia 1520s on Delta, Lenovo 11e and Titanfall Updates

    , Jason818 wrote

    The last console I owned was the original Xbox. I loved playing Halo and Halo2 on it. I'm contemplating getting an Xbox one. The new Halo under development, Star Wars battle field and Destiny all look intriguing. I like the look of titanfall but there is no campaign. It will take one of the other games I mentioned to tip the scales. 

    I played hours and hours of Fusion Frenzy on the original Xbox. Such a great party game.  And as cool as Xbox Live is, I do miss the days of Halo LAN parties.

  • Ping 204: Build Recap, Channel 9 on Xbox One, Lumia 1520s on Delta, Lenovo 11e and Titanfall Updates

    , piercove wrote

    @hardware - As much as I like new gadgets, I'm still holding onto my HTC radar that is running WP 7.8.  When WP came out, I was hopeful that there would be an upgrade path similar to that of their flagship OS.  Unfortunately, that's not the case.  I know there are better phones out there, but this one works well all around (and has better battery life than the more powerful phones that do essentially the same thing phone/text/photos).

    I really loved my Dell Venue Pro (the WP7 phone).  It is a shame that there wasn't an upgrade path from 7 -> 8, but we are getting 8.1 to all WP8 phones, all the way down to the low-end 520s.

  • What’s New in IaaS for Developers

    Just got an update. I expect the video to be up by the end of the week.

  • What’s New with Azure Web Sites

    We have had some delays in making this video available, but it is being worked on and it will be available soon.  Thanks for your patience!

  • What’s New in IaaS for Developers

    There were some delays in getting this video up, but we're working on it and will have it available shortly.  Thanks for your patience!

  • Understanding the Xbox One Game Platform Built on Windows

    Sorry for the wait, the recorded version of the session is now available.

  • Closing Ceremony

    , JoshuaM wrote

    why cant this not be watched again

    It will be! It takes a little bit of turnaround time before we can re-encode streamed content for on-demand use.

  • Ping 200: The Show 200 Spectacular!

    , dtower wrote

    That was a fun show for #200. It was good to get a walk around. The head cam was great. Much better than the other soft lensed fuzzy cam. The outtakes were worth the wait but who is Bob? Did we ever get to see Bob or is he like "Jimmy" on Colbert?

    The future? What has stood Ping apart imo has been a willingness to take on topics tangential to MS and even discuss rumors. It made the show more real because it dealt with things people were really talking about. Obviously there's a line and we know that but I always liked it when a cool sounding rumor was handled with a discussion about it and the hosts would say "That sounds really cool! We don't know anything about it but we like it" or something like that.

    So I guess my hope is to keep getting more of that. There is a lot of MS related tech news that pops up. Just keep telling us what you think about it. Make it your own show. Put your personality into it and it will do fine. Only thing I'd add for sure is more robot news. Maybe get Clint on a bit more to talk about how his robot army is coming along.

    You do actually get to see Bob for a short moment when we walk into the studio, just after [10:52].  That may be the first time he's been on camera too :)

    Thanks for all the feedback, we really appreciate it.  We do welcome stories like the Oculus or in this episode the EMOTIV headset that aren't really MS related, but are cool technology or just things we're interested in as geeks.

    Thanks again, and we'll do our best!

  • Ping 196: Robocop and Search with Bing, AMA Bill Gates, FAA, Nokia Icon and Wearable Skirt

    I'm not sure I buy that number. I count at least 40 in the front view!

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