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MarkPerris MarkPerris
  • Looking for an old Windows 95 game

    The first one could well be loderunner, one of the first high res windows games. If you're talking about DOS though, it could be monster bash or one of the commander keen series, or perhaps cosmo's cosmic adventure, if you want to get back to EGA days. The second one is most likely Jill of the Jungle by Epic Megagames, I can't count the hours I spent on that. I think I could still whip up a config.sys for every possible EMS or XMS memory configuration required Smiley

  • Silverlight Rendering Speed vs WPF

    I have to say, i'm seriously impressed with the speed of the software rendering in Silverlight. I dont know whether it's the time based animations or coding, but it really flies on my P4 2ghz.

    I'd be interested to know whether the renderer was the backend sliced out of the WPF software-only renderer, or whether it was developed specifically for the silverlight project.

    However, one thing does concern me. It actually seems faster than hardware accellerated WPF. To put it simply, software rendering in Silverlight seems a lot smoother and more responsive than hardware rendering on my DX9-compatible Geforce 6200. I know the 6200 is hardly top end, but surely those few hundred million transistors should provide some benefit? Or is it just bogged down by the layers of .NET that have to be traversed to reach the 3D hardware itself?.

    Don't get me wrong here, I truely believe WPF is an excellent platform, and is going to open up some seriously cool apps in a year or so, but slower than silverlight, in software?

  • ACPI Bios error , Event ID 12

    If this has only started happening after adding the new RAM, it's likely that, rather than there being a problem with the RAM itself, there is a problem with the way the ACPI system is working with it behind the scenes.
    I don't think it's much to worry about, I expect it will be solved in a future BIOS update. I get a tonne of these on my old SIS based P4, but i've never had a single bluescreen or freeze.

  • Orcas Beta 1 has shipped!

    Dan wrote:
    Xaero_Vincent wrote: Will the Express editions be free like 2005?
    I really liked Web Developer Express.

    Yes of course! Visual Web Developer Express gets much better with JavaScript IntelliSense improvements and it now uses the same designer that Expression Web for a much better HTML and CSS editing experience.


    This sounds excellent, but isn't Expression Web a non-managed app? How well can it really integrate as a design surface, especially where ASP.NET is involved?

  • why are gui elements (wpf controls) still so slow?

    When is MS going to ditch Win32 and give us new controls that are 100% native and that talk directly to the kernal with nothing in the way

    This is exactly what WPF does!. A lot of the communication is done directly with the kernal, completely avoiding anything Win32. That's the whole point.

    I will agree with you that WPF can be slow. Having done some investigation here, it's often not my Geforce 6200 that's the bottleneck, its actually my 2ghz P4. These are hardly cutting edge, but even so much as scrolling a large block of text can max out the cpu. On the other hand, WPF applications with rotating 3D models can run quite happily at well over 30fps, and appear to be video card limited.

    The 3D composition and rendering engine is actually very fast, the .NET code running on the top can sometimes be slow. Not becuase .NET is slow by nature, it certainly isn't. Just certain controls.

    I know i'll probably get shot down far saying this in a performance related thread, but with CPU's getting faster all the time, and WPF being a 'forward thinking' architecture, i'd rather take the hit and have all the advantages of managed code.

  • Yahoo Messenger for Vista - WPF Goodness!


    I haven't seen this posted here, so just thought I would drop you a link for some screenshots from the forthcoming Vista version of Yahoo Messenger. As you can see, it looks pretty gorgeous.

    I think this is the first commerical WPF application, beating even Microsoft to it (if you exclude their WPF development environment, that is...)


  • Activating Windows Vista & High Def Content (HDCP)

    Hello All,

    I wonder if anyone here can answer a few technical questions..

    I'm going to purchase windows vista home premium for my home machine, and install it on my current desktop machine. In the future, I intend to upgrade it to a completely new system and re-install vista, will I be able to reactivate it on the new machine?

    My partner is Japanese, and she is picking up a Vista from Japan on her next trip, will she be able to activate it successfully from the UK?

    Now for something more technical

    I want my future system to be able to play hi-def protected content, so I have worked out that to comply with all the requirements, i will need:

    » Windows Vista (of course)
    » A HDCP compliant video card *with the actual HDCP module on it*. It seems a lot of cards are advertised as "compatible", but very few actually have the hardware on the board...
    » A HDCP compliant display
    » And if i want to hear anything, a WLP3.0 compliant audio codec which supports content decryption, the only one I know of so far being the Realtek ALC 885. This one is really important because there are currently no add in cards which support audio content decyption and neither do there appear to be any on the horizon either, so i need to make sure that I get a motherboard with this onboard audio chipset.

    Therefore, If anyone can think of any more, please let me know

    Edit: oh, and of course, some kind of hd-dvd / blu-ray drive and deocder software
    Also, i'm interested to know what people think will be the winning HD format in future. Yeah, i know this has been asked many times, but does anyone else see the Blu-Ray in the East and HD-DVD in the West split coming? I have a feeling this battle will be decided by the consoles, not by the standalone players, none of which seem to be very good at the moment (1 minute power on times!?).
    The PS3 is likely to be big in Japan, hence, Blu-Ray, and the Xbox360 / Vista combo in the West will make HD-DVD the winner.



  • Vista 2.0

    Rossj wrote:
    BryanF wrote: Leopard's looking pretty vanilla right now. I suspect we'll hear more about these secret features at the January event (the one that's usually a week after CES), 

    All of the session attendees have been asked not to blog about them, as they are all under NDA. Wow. Does Microsoft NDA everyone at the PDC?

    As i said before, a lot of the real 'suprise' features are not in this build (from what Jobs says), and furthermore Apple wouldn't be stupid enough to put them in a build released to the developers, as without doubt, the Leopard preview is sure to be leaked, NDA or not.

  • Vista 2.0

    BenZillaTheSecond wrote:
    Wait, so everything that is in Vista? And nothing really new?


    Well, as Jobs said, a lot of it still 'top secret', so what we've seen today is probably the tip of the iceberg, and given that WWDC is a developer focussed conference a lot of the 'user' orientated stuff is probably yet to come.

  • Vista 2.0

    Seriously though, Apple's comments at MS are purile, funny for about 1 second.
    What it comes down to is this:
    I wish they'd just shut up and get on with giving MS a challenge. As it stands now, Vista has a great foundation, but it's gonna need a lot of polish, and i mean a hell of a lot of polish, to get it up to even Tiger levels (cheesy starfields excluded). And that means you can't get away with stray NT4-era icons or Windows 2000 button bars. The whole thing needs to be coherant and 'Vista'.