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  • Sharepoint Development with Visual Studio 2010

    It's wonderful that stuff is happening but.... What a shame we have to wait so long! The problems being addressed are Major Issues in large-scale Sharepoint Development. We're all swimming and building stuff and it may all be for naught... Ah well... don't keep us waiting too long! The suspense is killing! Big Smile
  • - The Road to "Oslo"

    Hmm... interesting vid. A bit low on information density.
    The possibilities are endless but in the end this, like VSTF, will have its success depend on what general managers in all business contexts need. A not too demanding WYSIWYG that gives them the basic overview and data they need will make them buy and install this. They don't want to have to model anything themselves, they want it ready to use for general repository purposes (business processes, services repository, template and webparts repositories, "whatnot" repositories). Hooking this system into Government strategies like COBIT or anything else they recognize, would probably help immensely.
    All developer benefits and possible productivity increase are usually in the category "nice to have". I am intrigued with what they might improve within WCF and WFF though... Smiley