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  • Betsy Hjort: On Making Windows Server, Singing with Bill and Being Technical

    Oohh... Apparantly I'm yellow. Hmmm...

    Right, off to see if the library has this book. Because I'm a cheapskate.

  • Betsy Hjort: On Making Windows Server, Singing with Bill and Being Technical

    Aww... How can we find out what colours we are? Is that some internal MS-only test or a widely available standard one? Big Smile

    Anyway, cool interview.
  • Mike Nash: Windows Vista Status Report and Announcing SP1 Beta 1

    biaachmonkie wrote:
    The changing of software development status names is annoying, this one especially. Beta is what used to be Alpha and Release Candidate is what used to be Beta.

    Why call it a Release Candidate if you have no intention of actually releasing that version? It makes so sense.


    That's a peculiar assertion... Where did the idea that the labels had all changed meanings come from?

    Didn't WHS actually release their release candidate?
  • Mike Nash: Windows Vista Status Report and Announcing SP1 Beta 1

    ZippyV wrote:
    Charles wrote:
    Further, the Download file was encoded at 512Kbs to support complaints from you an others regarding download file size (this complaint made perfect sense and we dealt with it immediately)

    Nice, because one guy has connection issues we all get low bit-rate videos.

    Tongue Out Bite me, I don't have connection issues, but I have an issue with having to download a 1Gb file which is mainly just a portrait accompanying the interesting (audio) discussion.

    There's more than one of us who don't like the massive download sizes.
  • Byron Cook: Inside Terminator

    Interesting stuff, Byron does a good job of making it comprehensible. Now if only the same tools could be used for .NET... (I know, I know, I'm dreaming. Perhaps in a few years time?)

    It looks like there will soon be very few excuses for not having reliable device drivers at least though!
  • Verdiem: Using Software to Curb Energy Abuse

    Hey, if you're on a laptop efficient software enhances battery life.
  • BlueHat - #1: Robert Hansen on Phishing, the Bad Guys, and the Online Mafia

    Fascinating stuff, marred slightly by the audio (perhaps a microphone of some description would be handy... not the kind you have to point at people to hear them though... that would interrupt the conversation.)

    Plus why was the third person (who's name , I'm sorry to say, has eluded me already) off camera? (aside from hiding from the mafia) It was a bit odd to watch everyone listening intently off camera. If you're going to have an audio presence you need a video one too, no hiding!

    Good stuff though, hope you met plenty more fascinating people and videod them. (isn't videod an odd word, is it video'd or videoed...)
  • Jesse Lewin on knowing Steve Jobs, working at Apple, and posing with Bono

    Well, you can't please everyone. I found it interesting, although (obviously) not related in any way to programming.

    I didn't check what the tags were; is there a tag for "not technical" I suppose you could have used the old "characters" tag.
  • Jesse Lewin on knowing Steve Jobs, working at Apple, and posing with Bono

    No, no, no! nvidia's "quality assurance" team will be the first against the wall when the revolution comes. (Or at least, they'll be the first lot I put up against the wall when the revolution comes.)

    Or maybe I'll execute unethical scientists first... Nah, the nvidia lot will be easier to find.
  • Windows Mobile 6.0 Things and Stuff

    Damn you Microsoft! I was quite happy with my rubbish old Siemens mobile. (They don't even make mobiles any more do they?)

    Now I'm wanting to get a new phone.

    Curse you!

    Excellent stuff, how's the soapbox work going? You've had a couple of months, do all the videos work on mobiles yet? Big Smile
  • Windows ​"​Longhorn&qu​ot; Server Beta 3 Ships!!!

    Love the huge diagram in the background when you start talking to Alex.

    My ears perked up when you mentioned NAP as it consistently gets killed by Data Execution Prevention every time my Vista laptop starts.

    Geekiest ceremony ever, kinda needs some sort of huge altar and a mystical product key. You would never sign off on a software product like that in a film.

    Good video, you may need a bigger launch room.
  • MSDN Wiki Projects - #4 (last) - ​Internation​alization

    What Bas said.

    The video length should be appropriate to the content. If it's a 45 minute conversation, then a 45 minute video is fine. If you can squeeze the same content into a shorter video then do it short.

    Of course if it's a two hour conversation then it could probably do with being broken up a bit.

    Now here's an idea which just occurred, and would probably be way too hard to do, but: Could you structure the interviews so that the first 10 minutes or so were a whirlwind tour, and after that it goes into depth - and then release it in a 10 minute video, and a longer partner? That would be cool as it'd let people vaguely interested watch the quick tour, and if that gets their curiousity they can dive deep in the longer vid.

    I know that would be a huge pain, as you'd either have to carefully edit the shorter video out of the long one, or think very carefully about the interview questions.

    On the content side I was really interested in this video, impressive stuff, opening the MSDN docs up a bit.