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Massif Massif aim stupidly high, expect to fail often.
  • Tell us something about your culture.

    SlackmasterK wrote:
    Yet by some definitions, America has more culture than most others.

    I'm curious what those definitions are. As for me, I'm born and bred UK - English to be precise, seeing as all the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish folks I know get ticked off being lumped in with us anglo-saxons.

    I grew up in a typical sleepy suburban village, so I've got the agatha christie view of england, except with broadband and expensive bus services.

  • UML Tool

    The company I work for is trying to settle on a case tool for the software department.

    It has to be UML 2.0 compliant, but apart from that we're pretty flexible. We're currently using System Architect - and hating it, so much so that it's putting everyone off modelling altogether.

    Can anyone recommend a cheap case tool which would fit the bill? At the moment we're looking at a few, and Poseidon is beating the competition hands down - but are there any alternatives we haven't seen?

    (I suggested using Team System, and was told that as we're not a purely microsoft development house it wouldn't be viable.)

  • Am I still allowed to use VS2003?

    So long as you use it with consenting adults, behind closed doors - and no-one is getting hurt...

    Although obviously VS2005 will make you more attractive, ensure you get paid more, make you lose weight and cause your hair to grow back.

  • Paris in Flames!

    Beer28 wrote:

    I wish rioters could burn every city down this year, we'd turn into vagabond globetrotters.

    Be very careful what you wish for.

    Seriously though - there's a good reason for actually going to areas considered "troubled". Which is to diminish the impact that the problems (whatever they are) have - especially in poorer countries - of which France definitely isn't one.

    The violence is deplorable - but you shouldn't be put off visiting Paris - it's probably no more violent than NY, London, Vegas or any other such city is on a normal day.

  • Mad idea

    I know that Konfabulator and the like exists - but nothing out there (that I know of) would be able to add a "Display this as Note" type option to Outlook itself -

    i.e: I'm looking at my tasks list and I spot one that I'm likely to forget; I right click and select Display as Note and it's on the desktop reminding me. Then - when I've done it I can open the Note, and set the task to be complete as per normal, likewise with e-mails etc..

  • Mad idea

    Well, only slightly mad.

    I've been a long time fan of sticky-note type programs, and I'm a user of Outlook (which has it's own notes feature, which ain't great).

    I'd really like to see notes integrated in a slightly different way into Outlook such that I could post e-mails and tasks from outlook up to the desktop as sticky notes - so I don't forget to deal with them.

    Just an idea.

  • Use C# in C++

    Your best bet would be to use COM.

    There a couple of steps - simply select the "Register for COM Interop" option in the Build Configuration menu - that should do it for development. (For distribution you can select Register For COM in the .NET Setup project - or use RegAsm to register the library.)

    The only problem with this is that by default it uses late binding. (This is beyond much of my knowledge now.) - which essentially means you can't see the functions through intellisense - or the object viewer. But they'll all be there.

    You can get around this by implementing an interface on the class - and that interface will be exposed properly through COM. Or you can apply the [ClassInterface] attribute to the class in the .NET code which automatically generates an interface.

    Hope that helps.


  • Book on XSLT

    Wrox have plenty to say about almost all programming topics. I've used XSLT 2nd edition. It covers almost all XSLT theory and use - although there doesn't appear to be a mention of VB.

    Aside from that it'll cover pretty much everything you might want to know.