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Massif Massif aim stupidly high, expect to fail often.
  • Windows shut down order.

    AndyC said:

    Windows just starts sending every app a WM_QUERYENDSESSION message then, assuming nothing attempts to block shutdown, sends everything an WM_ENDSESSION message. Apps have to respond in a timely fashion to these messages or Windows will just kill them The end result of this is that there is no defined order of apps shutting down and you should never ever try to rely on one.



    I wasn't even thinking of relying on one, I was just wondering if there were any measures to mitigate slow to shut down applications by starting them shutting down first. (Possibly leaving resources free for that app to shut down before kicking everything else off).


    I imagine it's almost impossible to calculate which apps will be slow to shut down, so I don't suppose it's worth it.

  • Windows shut down order.

    This may have been approached in a video somewhere, but I thought I ask actual people instead of trawling through hours of footage to find a possible answer.


    When I log off / shut down - how does windows decide which order to shut down applications in? I originally assumed it just sent the same shutdown message to all applications. But is it smarter than that? Does it send large applications shutdown messages early? Does it only try to shut down N processes at a time. (Where N is the number of processors the machine has.)


    Just idle curiosity really.

  • MSN Music (UK) does not work on Vista (and poor response from support)

    W3bbo said:
    fred2009 said:
    Won't you end up with the same problem as before? Apparently music from the Nokia store are DRM encumbered, so once their license servers go down you'll lose your music again.

    Have you considered the Amazon MP3 store? They've got a great selection, and it's in MP3 format too.

    It's worse than that. Nokia Music is done by the same people who did the MSN music store.

    And me...

    And if that's not reason enough to run for the hills, then I don't know what is.

    (Note: We did make it better, honest.)

  • Last poster wins

    Sabot said:
    rahsoftware said:
    I think we should leave this thread as a simplistic demnostration of evolution in-motion.

    As for the rules. What are their worth if not define clearly and followed? I see Cupiditas remark for rules as the first calls for civilisation in our evolution story.

    So I think we should now ask some fundimental questions. 

    Jamie is the Genesis, so omnipotent being ?

    When does Sven become Japanese?

    Is the world’s hardest riddle the real evolution thread and this a pretender?

    Is C9 a microcosm of life as we know it?

    Do we care?

    Is there enough beer in the world?

    Does anyone undestand what is happening in 'Lost' anymore? ... and can explain it to me?

    Who is going to buy Blowdarts book?

    When will Christmas fall on another day other than the Dec 25th?

    Will this thread get locked?

    When is the year of Linux?

    Will I stop wasting my lunch-hour writting in this thread? - Well I guess yes is the answer to that one ... back to work!

    If past experience is anything to go by, the best way to get the thread locked (and hence be the last poster) without being banned is to start using "british swearwords".

    Which could be genuine ones, or ones you just made up, it's not like anyone at MS will be able to tell the difference, the bunch of swagbords that they are.

  • Vice Presidential debate

    blowdart said:
    Massif said:
    Arguably no meat is environmentally sound; it takes more energy to feed the animals (via grain etc.) that the end product delivers; if you wanted to be environmentally sound it's time to go vegan.

    My theory is cruelty makes for tastier food, witness veal and foie gras. I've tried telling vegetables they are horrible and nobody loves them, but spinach still tastes awful no matter how cruel you are to it.
    Well, no meat is possibly more sound than meat. But veal is a waste product from the Dairy industry, so eating it is considerably more sound than not eating it, and letting it go to waste.

    Also veal's delicious whatever, the extra cruelty seems superflous to me.

    And I find the best way to make vegetables taste nicer is to tortue them in scorching hot liquid fat for several minutes, the longer the better, just so long as you don't burn them too badly.

  • Vice Presidential debate

    Dr Herbie said:
    blowdart said:
    My in-laws have two donkeys.  They are called Dinky and Ted.
    They like cold toast.


    "cold toast"? That's awfully specific for a Donkey.

    I've not eaten horse though, apparantly it's very nice. We're eating a relatively large amount of veal at the moment since discovering that:
    a - now "ethical" or "pink" veal is commonly available that it's the ethical and environmentally sound meat to eat.
    b - it's suprising cheap and delicious, probably because everyone still thinks it's cruel.

    Marvellous all round.

  • Vice Presidential debate

    jh71283 said:
    evildictaitor said:
    I bet she would have been much better is she was a gNuisance user.....
    Hush you fools. Don't talk to the "deliberately being controversial to get attention and justify their meagre lives" trolls.

    Talk to me instead! I have a pony.

  • Almost done...

    harumscarum said:

    I kinda wish I had prizes to give out, but yes. harumscarum hits the nail on the head first try.

    Not dramatic new technology or world-changing or anything, but cool to actually be part of something properly big. I worked on Comes With Music, and I'm still working on it. Plenty to do, plenty to do...

  • Almost done...

    littleguru said:
    Dr Herbie said:
    Facebook 2, Facebook 2, Facebook 2, ... Smiley
    Well today's Launch day, big press event in London and all that. So you'll find out.

    The only really annoying thing about the whole process is I'm contracted out by my real employer, so I don't get any free samples... Boo! Hiss!

    And yes, there's an excellent chance it'll be on Telly. Well, The gadget show at least...

  • Almost done...

    Dr Herbie said:
    harumscarum said:
    ... It was Tom Hanks ...

    Also, what's with C9's terrible support of Opera? The Add button doesn't always work reliably. It's all rather confusing if you ask me. I suppose it works though, which is better than many sites.