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  • Ken Levy - Showing off his gadgets

    Semantics aside, I think you'd have a much easier time going from VB6 to VB.NET. Keep in mind here that if you're writing completely managed code both of these languages target the .NET Framework identically. Once you are comfortable with VB.NET making the switch to C# is far simpler because you're already comfortable with the framework. Likewise, C# is the likely path of choice coming from the C++ world (well, after Managed C++).
  • Ken Levy - Showing off his gadgets

    It's all about the gadgets these days, eh? Well, I can be found these days with: my Motorola MPx220 Windows Smartphone, my 20GB iPod, my PSP, and as soon as it's available, the Nokia 770.

    I love my smartphone but I think as soon as the Peabody is available by my carrier in my area I'll be upgrading. This phone is neat, but I'm unimpressed with the Voice support (so much easier in voice supported non-Microsoft phones) and the digital picture quality is really, really poor. The integration with Office, however, is really exceptional and call quality is good. My bluetooth headset is wonderful.

    I'm not even going to bother talking up the iPod... everyone already knows.

    The PSP is simply fun and I got mostly because:
    1) It's better than a portable DVD player.... games.
    2) Cheaper than the Portable Media Centers.
    3) Very, very hackable.

    The Nokia 770 is just a really cool concept. I'd LOVE to be able to afford a Windows Tablet... but it's just too expensive and this promises to do everything I want in a small form factor and I can easily customize it however I want because of it's open source base.
  • Peter Wengert - Inside Microsoft Automotive

    My 2003 Ford Escape is a little over a year old now. I've been wanting to put in a navigation system and have been researching my options.

    During my research I decided I really want much more than just a navigation system. I want navigation, music (the normal stuff INCLUDING MP3 support via CD's or external "media" like an iPod, memory stick, or external harddrive), backup camera, diagnostics, and more. Having done about 5 years with a company that wrote vehicle diagnostics applications for Windows (for heavy equipment and the trucking industry, not the automobile industry) I've been wanting to build my own CarPC for a while but have found the right fit hard to come by (not to mention the funds). I even worked for a while on a team developing a system called "Truck PC" based on the original "Auto PC" platform (Windows CE) that came out of the Microsoft/Clarion product.

    Now I just wish I could just get hold of the tools, hardware, and OS for myself. Waiting on the automobile market to agree to anything remotely standard will take forever. It will take forever for products that aren't OEM to come into the market and I don't want to have to buy a new car to get it! Is there a way to get kits/specs/etc to do personal development for this new platform?