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Matthijs Hoekstra

Matthijs Hoekstra Matthijs

Niner since 2009

My name is Matthijs Hoekstra, working for Microsoft since 2002. In April 2013 I moved to the US to work for the Phone team.

Currently I am a Sr. Product Marketing Manager in the Windows Platform Developer Marketing group. I'm responsible for the Enterprise part of our Developer Marketing. Make sure developers understand why and how to develop enterprise and LOB apps for the Windows Platform (Windows and Windows Phone)
If you have questions or want to talk or meet. The details below can be used to contact me.
Kind Regards,
Matthijs Hoekstra
Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Windows Platform Marketing Organisation
e-mail: matthijs.hoekstra@microsoft.com
im: mahoekst@microsoft.com

tel.: +1-425-628-8794

  • IWP72 | Deploying Windows Phone apps for the Enterprise
  • IWP71 | NoSQL
  • IWP70 | Mobile Enterprise Application Platform
  • IWP69 | Enterprise Mobile Management
  • Creating Search-Based Solutions with SharePoint 2010 by Scott Hillier
  • SharePoint & the Cloud, Pushing the Boundaries
  • Remote Data Access in SharePoint 2010 by Ted Pattison
  • Incorporating Managed Metadata in Custom Solutions by Andrew Connell
  • Developing a Custom Claims Provider by Ted Pattison
  • Lessons Learned and Best Practices from Enterprise Deployments of SharePoint

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