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  • ASP.NET Monsters #42: Goodbye to Gulp

    As David mentioned, we're just sad to see something that is understood by most Front-End developers being taken out of a template that is basically a front-end project.

    We may be changing our tooling from B&M to gulp/grunt/webpack/npm scripts... but most developers will do File -> New Project and basically go "Yep. This is my life now".

    The template is what everyone will end up using. So want to minify your images as part of your dotnet bundle? Nope. No plugins for this yet. Want to sprite-ify an image/css? Nope. Not done yet and the list goes on. My most important one will be the linter. 

    I might not know what is to come but I know that once this hits Visual Studio and people start using it? We'll be working with the basic template for the next 10 years. I still work on ASP.NET MVC 2 projects and I have to work so hard to convince them to upgrade to MVC 3-4-5.

    Why? Because if it ain't broken, don't fix it.

  • Hyperlapse of CH9 Guy walking to CH9 Studio

    He's walking backward. You'll to do the walk again with him facing the right side, push back the changes and commit. This need to be up for next release! Flying Elephant Edition!

  • Introduction to the new WPA user interface

    @Shayon:I don't know but I think that those are simple placeholder for the videos that are to come.