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  • Marc Mercuri and Kyle Johns: Inside RoboChamps

    I just thought I'd let you guys know the website isn't working for me.

    I had to install silverlight, although I installed it before but I think that was version 1.0.

    After install, I had to go back to the website, redirecting and refreshing didn't work.

    Now, when I go to the site, it looks like I only see the background, but the code of conduct, terms of use, etc, links at the bottom work.
  • Doug Hodges: The history of Visual Studio ​Extensibili​ty


    I'm sorry but that has to be the stupidest comment I've EVER seen on C9.

    Their filming a video!!

    It's about priorites.  Keeping the interviewing rolling is a higher priority (and more polite), than picking up the phone and telling them you'll call them back later.

    It's like if your in line at the subway, and you have thousands of people in line behind you while you're telling them what you want, you get a call, and talk to the person for a minute telling them you'll call them back, why, what you are doing, oh no it's quick, etc.

    What they should really do is before they start any interviews is ask them to turn their ringer off and let it go to voice mail and return their call later.
  • Betsy Hjort: On Making Windows Server, Singing with Bill and Being Technical

    Let me also say, that having said that, you do need someone that is also a business person, or approaches things from a business mindset. That is extremely important as well.  You need someone who understands the technology but also the business aspect.
  • Betsy Hjort: On Making Windows Server, Singing with Bill and Being Technical

    Loving it!!!!!!!!!!

    It's not a corporate thing.  It's a book called The Color Code.  If there is one book you read, make this it!  You too will go around saying "I'm a blue", or "I'm a red", etc.

    When you get the book, flip to the chapters describing the colors.  It starts with describing reds.  If you start there you will read the entire book, just read the colors, then go back to the beginning.

    To put it in a way that won't convince you to buy and read the book, it will most importantly help you understand yourself more, and secondly, help you understand other people.

    Anyway, Charles is right.  I don't care if you are male or female, of if it's doing a disservice to females.  It's not about doing what is best for females or males.  That isn't the question.  The question is: What is best for the company?  And, hiring a non-technical personal as a manager to manage a software project is idiotic.  Plain and simple.
  • This Week on Channel 9 @ Mix: March 14 Episode

    Does anyone have a link to Chris Auld's stuff?  Or the you tube video?  I tried searching but couldn't find it.  Maybe I should sart using live search?

    >>- Chris Auld demonstrating an IIS module that dynamically >>combines resources (css, images, javascript, etc) resulting in >>400% perf  improvements, all with no code changes (2:57)
  • Christian Kleinerman: SQL Server 2008 for Developers

    Awesome!!!!!!  Hierchaires, Paging, etc, have always been some what of a pain in sql server.  I think adding these types and support directly into t-sql is a very good idea.

    The row_id I think it is called that was added in sql server 2005 really made my paging code cleaner.

    It would be REAL nice if you can add something to help with sorting.  I haven't tried in awhile the different options, but having multiple sort options in sql server using a stored procedure would be a good feature.  I tried in the past to do an ORDER BY @SORTCOLUMN type of method, and also multiple IF statements with duplicate sql statements isn't ideal either.  The only other option using sql server is to have multiple stored procedures and in your .net code putting the IF statement.

    Also, is microsoft sql server ever going to have something like oracle's rac for load balanced sql servers?  I know MSFT prefers the scale out approach, and a rac type approach is technically different and ripe with problems, but just curious.

    (One last thing, I found a bug in sql server 2k related to when you have two columns with certain types right next to each other.  It was really weird and was relating to data storage.  I tried several testing options, and the bottom line is when I changed the column order, the data came back correctly.  I tried posting awhile ago on C9 and sending msft an e-mail, but they wanted me to snail mail it in.  If you want me to send you the script with the table def and data let me know.  I think I might have it.)
  • Miguel de Icaza and Dragos Manolescu: On Open Source, Mono and Moonlight

    One last comment:

    Microsoft, just because we aren't vocal, doesn't mean there aren't a lot of people out there that DON'T want you to open source any of your code.

    You paid someone to write it, you own it.  If you think you did a great job with it, or people could benefit from it and it's not material to your business, then share it with the world.
  • Miguel de Icaza and Dragos Manolescu: On Open Source, Mono and Moonlight

    Most people misunderstand open source.  They think it's about code, but really it's not, that is just one facet of the debate.

    The core of open source is really a philosophy, and the philosophy they believe in is more along the lines of communism or to be nice socialism.

    "From each according to ability, to each according to need."

    In the same way communists believe individuals should not have property rights, and that all property is the right of the state.  That is why they believe that no company should have "propietary code", and that all code should be open source.  In other words, the indiivudal shouldn't have their own property, and in this case the "code" should belong to everyone, the community, for the "greater good".  The same reason they think IP, copyrights, or patents shouldn't exist.

    They say this is really the only way to have freedom, but the truth is it's the complete opposite of freedom.

    In fact, just about every logical reason they state that they are for "open source" or really a broader philsophy, they get the opposite result.

    The main point here is when talking\debating to a proponent of open source, just remember the debate isn't about code. 

  • Joe Duffy, Huseyin Yildiz, Daan Leijen, Stephen Toub - Parallel Extensions: Inside the Task Parallel


    You brought up a great point\question that has been on my mind for awhile.

    Why not add some keyword or attribute to the language itself to further enhance parrelellism?

    I can't remember his name but he replied that they are looking into this level of language integration.  I'd love to see a video on that topic.

  • Erik Meijer: Functional Programming

    Very interesting.  Thanks Sylvan.
  • Erik Meijer: Functional Programming

    Thanks Sylvan.  That clarified it for me. 

    Although I'm sure there are other benefits, I'm presuming functional programming is being talked about more and coming back because of multi-core.

    So, the question is, is this all theory or is there a functional programming language I could start using today and write a massively parrell program in it easily?

  • Erik Meijer: Functional Programming


    Of course.  I would had said the same thing.

    However, a couple of things:

    1) The samples you gave used object oriented languages, not functional programming languages exclusively.

    2) I've watched all of the C9 videos on these functional programming languages.  I only remember one referring to a real world scenario which was in telecommunications.  I even watched a video on youtube when the interviewee was younger and the demo showed them crashing the system, where only one process or thread would die, and it wouldn't bring down the whole system.  How they could make changes live to the system and it would only affect new processes, etc.

    However, that really didn't relate back to the concepts of "purity", etc", of the why someone should use functional programming languages.

    I'm not approaching this with an argument of why not to use functional programming.

    Rather, I'm simply asking someone to explain the reasoning behind FP in a "KISS" way on why it's better than an existing programming language.

    Or, maybe it's not meant for real world use in today's world.  Maybe it's more of theory and bits and pieces are taken to enhance existing languages.

    I'm just looking for clarity on this subject.

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