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Academics: M. Sc. Eng., thesis: Numerical Methods in Queuing Theory --  Theoretical background for Lean by accident


  • Data Templates in XAML

    Set aside the irritating audio noise now and then -- this is still an excellent presentation of UX showcasing some very interesting variations of "beyond data grids" like transforming a smile based on a -100 to +100 scale.

    I like the dialogue form and demo without slides. THX Billy and Robert.

    And to Billy: Yet another great UX presentation, you always inspire a humble developer like me!


  • Episode 1: iOS8, VMworld, Airwatch Connect, Secure Email

    Great show! I really enjoy the combination of both looking beyond the walls of Microsoft -- towards competitor's products and annoucements -- and looking into the future.


    I wil definitely return for the next episode!




  • 2014 Imagine Cup World ​Championshi​ps

    Great experience to watch the Imagine Cup finals!

    All those imaginative creations spanning all sorts of purposes - All the young developers really impress me.

    -- Myself  @ 50 and still going strong...

  • INTRODUCING: The Future of .NET on the Server

    Still no video at all using IE 11 and only a few seconds of video using Chrome just to prove that the showis actually rolling live as I type.

    So annoying - and yesterday's broadcast was far better than today's screen of darkness :(

  • Scrum and Kanban with the Team Foundation Service

    Will we see an online video of this session?

    I can't see a similar session on TechEd NZ and I'm really fond of how Kanban is supported by TFS and VS!

  • CSS3 List and Table Properties - 15

    I downloaded the HQ WMV file. The soundtrack and screenshot were "out-of-sync" by I guess half a minute or so.  The windows on screen had very little to do with what Bob describes.

    Otherwise a great series! I did a lot of Dynamic HTML 4 back in '98 - '01 so I really enjoyed this semantics focused run through HTML5 and CSS3 -- THX!

  • There is no Office 13 - But Why?

    Skipped 13 but chose 14 => You want to diminish your Chinese market share? As I recall "14" is practically equal to "instant death" in Chinese superstition. I now Sybase jumped ASE 12.5 => ASE 15 and PowerDesigner 12.5 => PowerDesigner 15. But then again, CEO of Sybase is John Chen of Chinese heritage.

  • IE9 at MIX10

    IE9 - which engine will IE9 use for HTML rendering?

    "Everyone else" uses WebKit but IE8 used its own, defaulting back to IE7, possibly IE6 - or so I heard... Hopefully we don't see IE9 having 4 different rendering engines...