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Michael Butler Michael Butler Just a software kind of guy.
  • Have you ever used code generation?

    Over the years, I've used a lot of code generation. Whether it be self-built tools or things like T4 or other third party products. I used to use CodeDom but that was sometimes more work than I wanted to do.

    I use it because I'm the kind of programmer who doesn't enjoy doing all the typing. So if I have large table which needs to have data stored in it, i'll create the table and then auto generated the SQL Upsert script, the C# SQL access code and the POC.

    I find that lots of code I write usually follows some kind of pattern, and if it uses a pattern then you can usually figure out a way for the code to be generated for you.

    Of course, with things like Entity Framework then I don't need to use my own tools as much as EF do a lot of the boring stuff for me.

    The code generation I use is usually a one off and I don't expect the tool to be able to cope with my manual changes. They are just "wizards" to get the boring boiler plate out of the way so I can get the app up and running and get on with the real business logic.


  • New Star Wars

    , kettch wrote

    @Michael Butler: There's a comic book that explores the idea of a cloned Emperor and Luke briefly falling to the dark side.

    Yeah. I read that one. Never enjoyed it. Always thought that the Clone Emperor storyline and Luke's flirt with the dark side kind of pissed over the actions and sacrifices of 'Return of the Jedi'.

    I prefer the Tim Zahn and Mike Stackpole takes on post Jedi stories.



  • New Star Wars

    , Harlequin wrote

    Well, we didn't actually see Darth Sidious die, he was just thrown over an edge...

    Just before the Death Star was blown up. Even the Sith would struggle to survive both those things. Which is a shame because Ian McDiarmid was one of the greatest things about episodes 1-3 and number 6. Would we be happy if he'd cloned himself. Would seem like a cop out to me. 



  • Windows 8 Store Apps

    I've bought several apps from the AppStore, mainly games but a few other apps including PushPod and UK Bus Checker. But there isn't really a lot of apps beyond the games that I've found the need for, or have been off by reviews or by how unprofessional they were.

  • Inside an Amazon warehouse

    Love to play a game of hide and seek in there. Or maybe a very long game of Laser Tag.

  • something is wrong with my WinPh8.

    , magicalclick wrote

    @Michael Butler:

    I lost The Harvest (RPG), Tentacles, DoDon something something (that Japanese vertical airplane shooter game with tons of bullets all over the screen). I was quite excited to play that DoDon something game on my new phone because my older phone gets a bit slower when the screen gets too busy, but, I cannot find the game in the store anymore.

    Yes. The Harvest is telling me

    "Your version of the Windows Phone software is not supported by this application"

    So maybe it will be available if/when they upgrade.


  • something is wrong with my WinPh8.

    , magicalclick wrote

    Compare to my WinPh7, my winph8 is not doing what it should.

    • auto-correction is not as good. Key cursor moves around in inappropriate places when I type this. Map doesn't have fav list. Map doesn't do turn by turn navigation anymore. Map direction is whacky. Music can't shuffle my entire collection. Music cannot do FM radio. And three of my Xbox Live games I bought can no longer be found on the marketplace.

    Is my WinPh8 dying on me? Or he just hates me?

    I've lost my two XBox Star Wars games. Both the Hoth thing and Cantina thing won't reinstall as they are no longer published. Oh and the XBox Live Full house Poker won't install either but I haven't checked that one for a week or so.

    Which games have you lost?

  • Sinofsky = gonzo

    , contextfree` wrote

    Good luck to Julie, Jensen & co.  ... please follow through on what you started with Windows 8.

    Seconded. We've still got very talented people in charge at Windows. Believe in your vision. The only thing I'd ask you to change, is to be more open and follow the example of Scott Guthrie and his teams.

  • Sinofsky = gonzo

    I suppose when you've shipped two versions of Windows, a few versions of Office then there isn't much challenge left for a guy at Microsoft. Be interested to see what he does next.

  • Why no unified ​Notificatio​ns app in Windows 8

    A way to review app notification history from all apps would be a nice addition to Windows 8. Especially as when I'm in desktop mode, I don't always notice the notifications. Would be nice to be able to click a list to see what I've missed.