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Michael Butler Michael Butler Just a software kind of guy.
  • Give me your best.

    Rule #3 Don't believe what you're told. Double check.

    Rule #5 You don't waste good

    Rule #18 It's better to seek forgiveness than ask permission

    Rule #45 Clean up your own mess

    Rule #51 Sometimes - You're Wrong




  • Cortana on other platforms

    I want a Cortana on my Xbox one to learn my viewing habits, so it can suggest programmes across all the various media apps that I might be interested in watching.

  • E3 2014

    Beyond Project Spark and maybe the new Fable, saw nothing that said to me lets pay £50 for a game.

    But then I'm not a hard-core gamer.

  • E3 2014

    , Ian2 wrote

    Are we expecting anything from Microsoft?


    (Live Blog: http://www.wpcentral.com/e3-2014-liveblog)

    I'm hoping for the Xbox tablet (a rebadge Surface Mini). It's a vain hope, but a guy can dream.

    I'm expect there will be some bang and flash AAA games, not much mention of the Kinect or the non-gaming parts of the Xbox One. Games, Games, Games has to be Microsoft's focus, to try and reduce the perceived gap between PS4 and Xbox.

  • xamarin 3

    I'd been put off purchasing a full licence by the rumours of Microsoft buying Xamarin.

    I guess now is the time to spend some of my hobbyist cash on the VS integration as the buyout doesn't appear to be on the cards anytime soon.

    Its a big outlay for me, but quality dev tools need to be encouraged.

  • HTML5 Standard ? NO !

    Seems like it is the WebGL support which is causing the problems, either that or the code is detecting IE and assuming it has no WebGL support and so rejecting it straight off.

  • Ready for Next Surface ?

    No Surface Mini. I'm disappointed.

    Surface Pro 3 is looking very sweet though. It's the old version 3 rule for Microsoft again.

  • Need this stuff for VS/C#, shipping with the ​framework/​CLR

    I think the author needs to have a look at Visual Studio and NuGet. Also the stuff Microsoft have been doing with Azure deployments.

  • Ever played Wing Commander or like space combat / flight sims?

    I'm waiting for a new version of Tie Fighter, which I think was the best of the X-Wing series of games. Great story and really fun to play. X-Wing:Alliance had the better graphics but there was just something really cool about flying alongside Darth Vader.

    Looking forward to Elite too. Spent many a Saturday moving cargo between systems and then shooting up space-stations to get the police after me so I could get more combat.

  • Ready for Next Surface ?

    Really hoping for a Surface Mini. My original Surface RT is a great device, but for a pure tablet device I prefer the 7/8 inch form-factor. It just feels nicer to hold in my hand.

    Also considering a Surface Pro as my take anywhere developer device replacement for a laptop. So a new model would be nice.