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Michael Butler Michael Butler Just a software kind of guy.
  • Seems like metro on the desktop is a done deal

    , Proton2 wrote

    @Michael Butler:"Nexus 7 until we get a Surface Mini"


    I have just read that the Surface mini may have been permanently canceled.

    I hope they have something similar in the pipeline. I want a tablet about 8inch, that I can write on and use to do generally tasks such as email and browsing and Skyping.  


  • Seems like metro on the desktop is a done deal

    TLDR: Windows 8 isn't perfect, but it's a stepping stone towards what I want from a modern computing environment.

    I was a fan of the "Metro" interface, first on Windows Phone and then on Windows 8. However, I've been studying my use of my PC and find that I rarely use the Start Screen.

    Most of the time, I've got Visual Studio full-screen and all my work is done in there. I tend to use my phone and tablet (Nexus 7 until we get a Surface Mini) for most of the other stuff I would have done in the past on a PC (Browsing, Email, Skyping, Messaging etc.)

    So whilst I like the concept of Live Tiles, I rarely see them on my desktop PC. What would be more useful is a notification centre, that I could view at the click of a button, or even by hovering at the edge of the screen like the charm bars.

    I'm still a big fan of WINRT, we've needed for a long while to get away from Win32 and I think that is where Microsoft needs to spend its time, both in a "Window" and the full-screen experience. A modern API for modern application scenarios. Cross-platform across all devices (including Android and iOS) 

    I am a fan of the "Modern UI" design guidelines and also liking the "Material" design that Google announced recently. Also liking the "continuous client" approach that Apple seem to be taking.

     We are in a period of slow evolution, as we moved into a multi-device world. There will be a few wrong turns, but there always have been in the history of computing. 

    I know that what I have in Windows 7 doesn't give me what I need for how I work today, Windows 8.x is getting closer by giving me WinRT and apps that work across platforms, but that is more down to the cloud and WinRT APIs rather than the Windows 8.x UI.

  • Google I/O

    Google IO starts today,


    What as developers are we hoping to see from Google, apart from moving away from Java and onto C# ;)



  • Give me your best.

    Rule #3 Don't believe what you're told. Double check.

    Rule #5 You don't waste good

    Rule #18 It's better to seek forgiveness than ask permission

    Rule #45 Clean up your own mess

    Rule #51 Sometimes - You're Wrong




  • Cortana on other platforms

    I want a Cortana on my Xbox one to learn my viewing habits, so it can suggest programmes across all the various media apps that I might be interested in watching.

  • E3 2014

    Beyond Project Spark and maybe the new Fable, saw nothing that said to me lets pay £50 for a game.

    But then I'm not a hard-core gamer.

  • E3 2014

    , Ian2 wrote

    Are we expecting anything from Microsoft?


    (Live Blog: http://www.wpcentral.com/e3-2014-liveblog)

    I'm hoping for the Xbox tablet (a rebadge Surface Mini). It's a vain hope, but a guy can dream.

    I'm expect there will be some bang and flash AAA games, not much mention of the Kinect or the non-gaming parts of the Xbox One. Games, Games, Games has to be Microsoft's focus, to try and reduce the perceived gap between PS4 and Xbox.

  • xamarin 3

    I'd been put off purchasing a full licence by the rumours of Microsoft buying Xamarin.

    I guess now is the time to spend some of my hobbyist cash on the VS integration as the buyout doesn't appear to be on the cards anytime soon.

    Its a big outlay for me, but quality dev tools need to be encouraged.

  • HTML5 Standard ? NO !

    Seems like it is the WebGL support which is causing the problems, either that or the code is detecting IE and assuming it has no WebGL support and so rejecting it straight off.

  • Ready for Next Surface ?

    No Surface Mini. I'm disappointed.

    Surface Pro 3 is looking very sweet though. It's the old version 3 rule for Microsoft again.