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Michael Lehman Michael Lehman
  • Book ​Recommendat​ions

    I highly recommend the following 3 books that have helped me start thinking again by delivering the proverbial "head wack" just when I needed it:

    p.s. Thanks to Bob Walsh for recommending these books to me!

    Now, I'd love to know what you are reading?

  • Got MicroISV application? Want Zune? Read on...

    Greetings from the Microsoft Project code-name "Glidepath" team!

    We have updated the Project Glidepath site (www.projectglidepath.net) to feature the Windows Vista Spotlight, a list of MicroISV applications that run with the Windows Vista operating system.

    If you are a MicroISV and have an application that successfully installs, runs and uninstalls on Windows Vista please go to the site, click on the link on the right and submit your application for consideration in the Spotlight.  When your application passes our basic functionality tests we will put you in the spotlight and blog about your success!

    And...If you are one of the first 30 MicroISVs to submit and pass our testing we will send you a Zune! (see site for full rules and submission guidelines).

  • Relaunch: The MicroISV Show - Joel Spolsky interview

    Today we've relaunched The MicroISV Show http://channel9.msdn.com/shows/The_MicroISV_Show (by adding a co-host, Bob Walsh and together we did an interview with Joel Spolsky that was posted this morning.

    Joel, prolific blogger at Joel on Software and co-founder of Fog Creek Software, also runs the Business of Software forum where MicroISVs hang out and converse about technical and business aspects of the MicroISV/startup software business.

    We'd love to hear your feedback and suggestions for topics and guests as the show moves forward.

    Michael Lehman - (C9: ultraguy)

  • Will PDC05 keynote be available to download on demand?

    There was a brief demo during the Avalon (WPF) section.

    Darren Deacon demoed using a remote control and described how to make your apps MCE compatible.

  • Will PDC05 keynote be available to download on demand?

    Yes, the keynote will be available on demand.

  • PDC05 contest winners?

    JohnAskew wrote:
    I know the rules state that the winners will be notified shortly after noon 8/15/2005 PST.

    Will the winners also be posted on these Forums?

    The contests don't end until 11:59PM (i.e. just before midnight).

    And yes, we will post the winners on these Forums but it may take us a day or two.

  • How to enter the Code'n my way to PDC Contest

    Wesner Moise wrote:
    Hi, Michael does the contest deadline extension also apply to the Blog contest?

    Yes, I just updated the top post for that contest as well.  They share the same set of rules.

  • How to enter the Code'n my way to PDC Contest

    dahat wrote:

    Excellent, thanks for the info Michael (now that I know your name).

    To add to that, if between now and Monday at 23:59:59 PDT; should I have a new version of my entry... would I need to have you nuke my entire original entry thread, or can I simply edit my original post and while there upload the new version?

    I believe you can just edit your post but if you have trouble just upload a second entry and let me know and I'll delete the first one.

  • How to enter the Code'n my way to PDC Contest

    dahat wrote:


    Say Ultra, as the latest ‘Softie to post here and one who seems to have some knowledge with regards to the rules and what not... what would be your ruling on this (or you are not the person to ask, who would be)? Are entrants able to edit their entries after they have already been submitted, just so long as all editing occurs prior to the close of the contest entry time?

    As the "contestmaster", I am happy to assist if you have trouble "replacing" your entry.  If you need to have a previous entry deleted, just let me know.  The purpose of the "rule" is, of course, to prevent someone from entering multiple times.


    Michael Lehman (aka UltraGuy)

  • How to enter the Code'n my way to PDC Contest

    joeisadotnet wrote:
    Can I just watch over the net and get the things their using.

    You are certainly welcome to download the tools and submitted applications.  We just can't award you the prize.