Completely in agreement with brice I continue working with access 2003 for the same reasons and also I think that the use of macros is BIG setback

The examples that I see are on simple things but I  want to see an example of a real update of inventory
first where the record is looked by the previous information (deleted table in TSQL), two options are had exist or do not exists if it exists to add record to assign values to every updated field and to save record

then to do the same thing with the new information (inserted in TSQL) two options are had record exists or does not exists if it exist to add record to update fields and to save record

More or less this it is the work in the real world, in Vb code approximately 20 lines but in macros approximately 20 pages!!


all my critiques are to MsAccess in the role of database NOT as front-end
My last suggestion to avoid this eternal and useless confusion is to put " Access Front End " extension (AFE) to.mdb files front end AND " Access Back End " (ABE) to mdb files with only tables, because by example I send many topics to Kallal about the use of Mysql and Triggers and the answer was "Mysql don't have forms, reports, etc"