Mike Neil

Mike Neil Mike Neil

Niner since 2006

Product Unit Manager
Windows Virtualziation

Responsible for Virtual PC, Virtual Server and the Window virtualziation technologies



  • Virtualizat​ion

    Osm3um wrote:
    I am curious if Dave Cutler is involved in the hypervisor design or even the VS 200x projects.


    Dave works in the same organization as the VM team.  He is primarily focused on the Windows kernel development, but does provide input on the hypervisor and the virtualization strategy.
  • Virtualizat​ion

    krishkumar wrote:
    Does this support 'live migration', saving, restoring VMs out of the box like Xen does?

    Virtual PC and Virtual Server both support saving and restoring VMs and have since their first release.

    Live migration is currently a planned feature for the Windows hypervisor based systems.
  • Virtualizat​ion

    TimStone wrote:
    If I wrote any kind of emulator for a computer or otherwise would this technique work with it if I wrote it to spec in Windows Vista?

    If the emulator is standard user mode code, it should work fine in a VM.
  • Virtualizat​ion

    We use a hierarchy model for management of VMs.  There is a parent partition that has control over its child partitions.  In v1 on the hypervisor we will keep this simple with a root and children, but in future versions we may open this up to have multiple parents and a deeper hierarchy.



  • Virtualizat​ion

    All of the enlightenments are being done in the regular kernel for LHS.  The kernel detects the presence of the hypervisor and dynamically uses the enlightenments where they make sense.  No need for a custom HAL.

  • Virtualizat​ion

    The hypervisor technology for LHS produces a full virtual machine to run a separate instance of the OS and is more like Virtual Server in that regard. 

    Virtuozzo is more like the Solaris Zones concept of running just virtualized user mode components and is also an interesting approach if you don't need a full isolated instance of the OS.