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I'm Group Program Manager for Engineering Excellence - Emerging Pratices at Microsoft. Prior to that, I worked on Office since '93, most recently on the Office Assistance and Worldwide Services team. We're the team that builds assistance features (e.g. F1) into Office and also builds the Office Online web site (http://office.microsoft.com).


  • Saurabh Deo: VSTO app

    You need to use an external microphone - not audible.

  • Julie Larson-Green - Diving into the new Office 12

    paulmorriss wrote:
    In Excel, if I copy a cell and then type in another cell, will it forget what I've copied when I come to paste it? None of the other office products do that.

    Try doing CTRL-C/CTRL-C to copy.  This puts it in the persistent, multi-clip Office clipboard.  It's then there to paste back - in fact, you can copy multiple things to the Office clipboard using this and paste them as you like, not just in order.