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Minh Minh WOOH! WOOH!
  • IIS7 config delegation

    Hi devs,

    I'm just finding out about IIS7 config delegation, and haven't grasped it entirely yet...

    How do I turn on anonymous auth in my application's web.config?

    What do I need to insert in there? and where?


  • [Updated Demo] The Proof is in the Pudding: Here is my Fast TreeListView

    I'll get you a video & specs

  • [Updated Demo] The Proof is in the Pudding: Here is my Fast TreeListView

    Looks really good.

    Although, when I drag the scrollbar pager around, it gets really laggy.

    Same for you?

  • Bart de Smet at ​pluralsight.​com : C# Language Internals

    very cool... ive just started a pluralsight subscription

  • Thanks MS for that computer

    that was fun revisiting that thread... maybe C9 should do a VH1 bands reunited type of special for the old timers of the coffeehouse


  • Carmack and 3D lighting non-sense

    that crazy genius son of a b*tch. Yeah I cringed too when I saw the mega texture demo. It doesn't seem like it's an efficient way of creating a world. Yeah, an artist has control over that part of the world, but they have to paint the rest of the other 99% of the world too don't they? I'd be more interested if he had demo some sort of procedural world creating. Oh well, he's off shooting rockets and being lawn mower man now

  • SteamOS beta released

    , Bas wrote


    I have had several machines like these for years. Except they also ran all my other software, and the entire Steam catalog, rather than a subset.

    I bet you also paid much more than $500 for each system

  • SteamOS beta released

    , Bass wrote


    • A lot of OEMs have purchasing power much higher then Sony or Microsoft because they produce more machines. Remember these are standard PCs.
    • Also, SteamOS is royalty free. Valve make their money on Steam sales, not fees for shipping SteamOS.
    • Also the next-gen console aren't that great of a deal, they are probably not loss leaders anymore. Here is a much powerful machine then the PS4 or Xbone. Of course Sony/MS can lower their cost and keep blowing billions subsidizing consoles, but to what end? Eventually they'll want to make profits.

    Yes, Steamboxes are standard PCs, but so are this gen consoles. MS & Sony finally realized specialized Cells and PowerPC chips don't bring anything extra anymore.

    OK, true, I guess a Dell does sell more than 25 million units, but there's no way they'd want to get into the Steambox business. If somebody calls up for support for a Steambox, who eats that cost? Even if SteamOS wasn't free, it'd only be a tiny fraction of the entire cost of a Steambox. If you look at the Android handset model, I think the handset makers get a cut of your 2 year contract from the carriers. Valve's going to have to offer them a cut of game sales if the OEMs are going to participate.

    Thanks for the list of equipment, I didn't realize how cheap hw is getting these days, maybe time for an upgrade. BUT. That list cannot compare to the PS4/XB1. CPUs on the consoles are 8 cores, not 4. PS4 has GDDR5, not 3. Each system comes with an additional controller and a blu-ray drive. But you can't expect me, who has the purchase power of 1 to beat the big boys.

    I think MS will want to make money in this cycle... it's been a long game for them, and I think digital distribution is the key for them to start making a profit.


  • SteamOS beta released

    I just don't know how this is going to work.

    Any steambox OEM won't have the buying power to build 25 millions units, so their $500 box won't compare to the PS4 or XBone... which is fine, but let's be realistic about the 60fps @ 1080 talks.

    So, presumably Valve splits their 30% takes (developers get 70%) with these OEMs, who are risking a lot for potential uptakes by people who don't already have a console.

    I just don't see that happening

  • Chromecast

    HAHA chromecast extension cannot cast silverlight fully... no fullscreen & audio

    How do I request the HTML player?  Uninstall silverlight?