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  • Part 4: Quick Tour of WinJS (1 of 2)

    Hi Bob,

    I remember in a lesson in the JS for beginner series, you said we can solve the namespace issue by creating an object includes all our functions. Why don't we use that technique in here? What's the differentiation if using WinJS.Namespace?

    One more thing, in this line: data-win-bind="textContent: time"> Why does the "data-win-bind" know the exactly "time" they need? I think WinJS.Binding.as has something to do with it, but I do not quite understand this function, even thought I've read the documentary.

    Thank you.

  • Part 1: Series Introduction

    Hi, Bob, I have followed all your courses for HTML5 and JavaScript for absolute beginner. I want to take this course, but first I want to know what the proper level of HTML and JS I should have before I take this. Because it seems difficult Big Smile

    And could we use it to develop apps  for Windows phone 8? Or at least reuse some code when we port the apps to Windows phone 8?

    Sorry for my bad English


  • JavaScript Variables, Types, Operators, and Expressions - 05

    @BobTabor: Actually the statement didn't come from any code. It's an exercise from the book, and the question is the statement is valid or not. I looked at the key answer and it said the statement is valid.

  • JavaScript Variables, Types, Operators, and Expressions - 05

    Can I have a question?

    Why is this statement correct? I thought "var" is a keyword, and can't be used to name variable 

    if (var == 4) { // Do something }

    (you might feel it familiar, because I got it from one of your recommended books ^^)

  • Getting Started with jQuery - 14

    I'm still confused about single quote and double quote. I see in the previous lessons, we can use it interchangeably. What's the most difference  between them?