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  • UWP-025 - Common XAML Controls - Part 2

    I've ran into a problem with the Menu flyout. With these lines

    <MenuFlyoutItem Text="Item 4" />
                            <MenuFlyoutSubItem Text="Item 5">
                                <MenuFlyoutItem Text="Item 6" />
                                <MenuFlyoutItem Text="Item 7" />
    For these lines intellisense is saying "Cannot add content to an object of type "MenuFlyoutSubitem"

    The design view is unable to display anything, however, the program actually works fine just like in the video, the flyout works as intended.

    Does anyone know what could be wrong? The full code for the Button and flyout is below. Thanks.

    <Button Grid.Row="4"
                    <MenuFlyout Placement="Bottom">
                        <MenuFlyoutItem Text="Item 1" />
                        <MenuFlyoutItem Text="Item 2" />
                        <MenuFlyoutSeparator />
                        <MenuFlyoutSubItem Text="Item 3">
                            <MenuFlyoutItem Text="Item 4" />
                            <MenuFlyoutSubItem Text="Item 5">
                                <MenuFlyoutItem Text="Item 6" />
                                <MenuFlyoutItem Text="Item 7" />
                        <MenuFlyoutSeparator />
                        <ToggleMenuFlyoutItem Text="Item 8" />

     Also the Auto Suggest box only works for me when the box is empty, then it brings up a list of every name.

  • UWP-025 - Common XAML Controls - Part 2

    I get a strange error on this line:

    var selectedDates = sender.SelectedDates.Select(p => p.Date.Month.ToString() + "/" + p.Date.Date.ToString()).ToArray();

    The error says "The type 'IBuffer' is defined in an assembly that is not reference. You must add a reference to assembly 'Windows. Version =, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null, ContentType=WindowsRuntime'.

    I don't know what to do. I can't find help online other than one suggestion to reinstall VS. Does anybody know what to do?

    Thanks in advance.


    I've fixed it. maybe it was something to do with the way VS was install or updated, but I went to Add/Remove programs and clicked on my Visual Studio install > Modify > Repair

    After it repaired itself it worked fine.

  • UWP-024 - Hamburger Heaven Challenge: Solution

    I enjoyed this challenge. The only bit I got stuck on was.

    BackButton.Visibility = Visibility.Collapsed

    I wasn't sure where to find the Visibility enum.

    Thanks again.

  • UWP-020 - Common XAML Controls - Part 1

    I get an error message with the code:

                var selectedItems = MyListBox.Items.Cast<ListBoxItem>()
                                      .Where(p => p.IsSelected)
                                        .Select(t => t.Content.ToString())

    Saying The type 'IBuffer' is defined in an assembly that is not reference. You must add a reference to assembly 'Windows, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null, ContentType=WindowsRuntime'.

    Does anybody know what to do?

    I'm currently looking up solutions and will post back if I find one.


  • UWP-019 - Working with Navigation

    Why does e.Parameter even contain the value that's inside the text box?

    I created a second text box, only the value of the first text box was passed to the 3rd page and not the value of the second text box.

    How does it decide what gets passed?

  • C# Fundamentals for Absolute Beginners: (25) Where to Go from Here

    Thanks Bob. Great series as always.

    I particularly liked the LINQ and WPF videos.

    Even though I'd never really wanted to build websites or anything like that I may still watch your series on HTML5, CSS and Javascript just to get a good foundation on everything.

  • UWP-016 - Laborious Layout Challenge: Solution

    @koeks525:Me too. But thats only because I struggled on the Stack Panel exercise, now that I understand the Stack Panel I was able to use them a lot faster.

  • UWP-016 - Laborious Layout Challenge: Solution

    Before I see your solution I'll tell you how I done mine.

    A stack panel for the entire screen.

    Then 3 grids inside that panel for each of the Titles with text and flags.

    Then a few more stack panels inside each grid, a text block and 3 rectangles.

    Once the first one was done copy and paste sorted the other two out.

    I never used any rows or columns :)

  • UWP-014 - Legendary Layout Challenge: Solution

    I struggled with the stack panel for a while. I was thinking that stack panels cannot overlap, but I was wrong. Once I watched the first part of the solution and played around with the stack panel example I realised that it will size itself to whats inside the stack panel, then the next panel can;t overlap it.

    After that I managed to do the flag by myself :)

  • UWP-012 - Laudable Layout Challenge: Solution

    Mine was almost the same.

    I set the pixel values for the rows (even though I know I shouldn't) And only used 5 rows instead of 6. But I did * the final row to take up whats left and align the Save button to the top.

    I was nearly there,

    Cheers Bob

  • UWP-011 - Laudable Layout Challenge

    I liked this exercise. Not too difficult but does require you to go back and check previous videos to work it out. I think I got it all done now so I'll see how we both worked it out.

  • UWP-001 - Series Introduction

    I always like following your series, but I usually don't have the time for my app development to come to fruition.

    I've barely done anything on Windows 8.1. I have a Windows 8.1 Phone.

    Is it even worth me going through your Windows  Phone 8.1 series? Or just starting on this and getting a cheap Windows 10 Phone to test it on?

    Since all phones will be getting an upgrade to Windows 10 in the near future and I'm quite slow to get started on things shall I just start on this series and ignore Win 8.1 phone?


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