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  • Jason Zander: Visual Studio 2010 Release Candidate Released - General Download Available

    I think this must be a feature of some kind, or an edge case I just missed.  I could have sworn that I used this without having to do anything else to get it to work.  As it stands, it seems that the called assembly must grant the caller Internal visibility for the dynamic magic to now work.  Since standard reflection continues to function I must assume this is some type of implementation detail related to how dynamic now works.

  • Jason Zander: Visual Studio 2010 Release Candidate Released - General Download Available


      it looks like something is broken here.  In Beta 2, dynamic anonymous types passed between assemblies worked fine, in this version I get a RuntimeBindingException.  Even though I am able to use reflection to access the properties, they are unavailable through the dynamic keyword.  Is this new behaviour or a bug?

  • E2E: Erik Meijer and Wes Dyer - Reactive Framework (Rx) Under the Hood 1 of 2

    ~1 hour of Rx internals? day: made.




    throwing IllogicalReferenceToCodeException();

  • Windows Marketplace for Mobile to accept apps on July 27

    Whats up with active sync.  Is this thing ever going to be stable ?!?  I have never had as volatile a syncing experience as I do with windows mobile phones. 

    join domain = stops working

    install sdk = stops working

    weather man predicts cold fronts = stops working

    dude.  even a fanboy has his limits. 

  • Scott Guthrie: Silverlight 3 is here!

    The text looks SPECTACULAR on both Windows and Mac.  I have nothing more to ask of the SL team.  Amazing work.

  • Multi-touch in WPF 4 Beta 1

    how do we use this in our beta WPF aplications.  Is there a special adorner we have to apply to the controls we want to be touch enabled? 

  • 10-4 Episode 20: Downloading and Installing Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1


      my concern is that coupled with lifted fields and lambdas (anonymous delegates), the feature set now allows for an alternative method of classifying objects which is quite similar (if not equivalent) to the approach Javascript utilizes.  This is great, but the approach completely undermines all the efforts made by the IDE to track class definitions.  I'd also like the opportunity to evaluate the usage of dynamic in these types of scenarios to ensure that uniformity is not giving way to novelty in my codebase.  It would be nice if I could evaluate such things before allowing a check-in; nicer if the IDE did it for me Wink

  • 10-4 Episode 20: Downloading and Installing Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1


    been playing around with dynamic for 7 hours now. All I can say is wow!!!!  I just love how neatly this flexibility has been built into a structured typesafe language like C#.

    ps - are there any code analysis rules that target the use of dynamic?

  • Ping 12: Mac vs Microsoft, Ipod vs Zune: The Ad Campaign War

    The only thing that comes to mind when i watch those apple commercials is that Karl Marx had it wrond.  If only he had focused on fancy graphic design and being 'trendy', thingls like communism, lack of free will and lack of choice would have prevailed.  Apple and thier line of products are the classic example of complete dictatorships housed in a nice package.   For intance, I've had a windows mobile phone for years.  I've never had to pay for ringtones or have service on the device in order to use it. IN fact i could literally drag and drop media from my desktop onto the phone.   I could purchase it and use it just as a PIM if i so desired.  Is that the case ofr apple's entry into the handled device world?  Windows is about FREEDOM, CHOICE, REPRESENTATION.  Microsoft to me has ALWAYS had an open ear to the community and done the responsible (not holier than thou) thing.  If I were involved in the Windows Ad campaign i would make a commercial which mimiced the 1984 commercial apple launched many years ago since that company has turned into everything it preached against. 

  • 10-4 Episode 18: Functional UI Testing

    Nice video.  These 10-4 videos are cruel Sad.  Like watching someone play with a toy you want. You made sveral references to a Beta 1.  Can you give some details?  I was planning on installing it for my mom (being Mother's day and all).

  • Windows 7 Release Candidate is here (for MSDN and TechNet subscribers)

      this was the best beta OS I have ever used.  Please make some commercials to battle the idiotic apple ones.  They prey on ignorant people with those muck racking tactics (blame the other guy means i'm innocent BS!).  I have a mac with Leopard on it.  It crashes, it requires software upgrades which require it to restart , it sometimes just hangs and I cant even use the task manager to kill culprit. 
  • 10-4 Episode 15: Model-First Development with the Entity Framework 4.0

    so are you going to be releasing another CTP or a beta anytime soon?  Its about to be May and all there is out there is as far as news is the same tired old links from October.  I'd love to read some buzz about it at least.  BTW  why isnt the .NET framework ever released before the IDE?  after all they are two totally seperate entities right?  I sont mind command line compilation and notepad coding if thats what ita takes to get my hands on this technology.