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Edward Moemeka Moemeka Me
  • Ping 12: Mac vs Microsoft, Ipod vs Zune: The Ad Campaign War

    The only thing that comes to mind when i watch those apple commercials is that Karl Marx had it wrond.  If only he had focused on fancy graphic design and being 'trendy', thingls like communism, lack of free will and lack of choice would have prevailed.  Apple and thier line of products are the classic example of complete dictatorships housed in a nice package.   For intance, I've had a windows mobile phone for years.  I've never had to pay for ringtones or have service on the device in order to use it. IN fact i could literally drag and drop media from my desktop onto the phone.   I could purchase it and use it just as a PIM if i so desired.  Is that the case ofr apple's entry into the handled device world?  Windows is about FREEDOM, CHOICE, REPRESENTATION.  Microsoft to me has ALWAYS had an open ear to the community and done the responsible (not holier than thou) thing.  If I were involved in the Windows Ad campaign i would make a commercial which mimiced the 1984 commercial apple launched many years ago since that company has turned into everything it preached against. 

  • 10-4 Episode 18: Functional UI Testing

    Nice video.  These 10-4 videos are cruel Sad.  Like watching someone play with a toy you want. You made sveral references to a Beta 1.  Can you give some details?  I was planning on installing it for my mom (being Mother's day and all).

  • Windows 7 Release Candidate is here (for MSDN and TechNet subscribers)

      this was the best beta OS I have ever used.  Please make some commercials to battle the idiotic apple ones.  They prey on ignorant people with those muck racking tactics (blame the other guy means i'm innocent BS!).  I have a mac with Leopard on it.  It crashes, it requires software upgrades which require it to restart , it sometimes just hangs and I cant even use the task manager to kill culprit. 
  • 10-4 Episode 15: Model-First Development with the Entity Framework 4.0

    so are you going to be releasing another CTP or a beta anytime soon?  Its about to be May and all there is out there is as far as news is the same tired old links from October.  I'd love to read some buzz about it at least.  BTW  why isnt the .NET framework ever released before the IDE?  after all they are two totally seperate entities right?  I sont mind command line compilation and notepad coding if thats what ita takes to get my hands on this technology.
  • 10-4 Episode 15: Model-First Development with the Entity Framework 4.0

    okay, when can we get our hands on this?  The wait has been waaaaay too long for my AADHD to tollerate.  Feed me seymore!  Feed me now!
  • 10-4 Episode 14: Sentient DSLs

    I downloaded the sample app and typed "fix global financial meltdown".  It build successfully and outputed all the appropriate files.  However this morning when I looked at my stock portfolio I was still dead in the water.  Is there a compiler switch I forgot to set?
  • Pete Brown, Silverlight Wizard in Action

    direct manipulation of video pixels = y = mx + b = silverlight 3 drawing API.  Yes! 

  • Scott Guthrie: Inside Silverlight 3

    okay okay. I dont care about nasty fonts anymore.  Expression Blend 3 is off the chain!  I can actually mova and resize the toolbar and other panes!  Code IN the designer !  but wait, there's more.
    We've got SaveFileDialog, NavigationServices, etc. 

  • 10-4 Episode 12: Simplifying Your Code With C# 4.0

      you guys are making my expensive college education in Computer Science even more useless.  Why did I need to learn about method overload again?  Quick question.  Does the default value of the default parameter you specify get exposed through intellisense to the comsumer of the method?
  • Brad Abrams - Silverlight 3.0 for Great Business Apps

    Do we have to wait till Mix to find out of the Text Rendering ix fixed (or at least improved)?  Almost everyone I know who is working on a Silverlight project is having a hard time dealing with this issue and most of us have had to come up with horrific hacks to get around it.