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  • Pablo Fernicola (and others) - An hour with the Avalon Team

    THis might be a boring response (especially with the cool stuff that was shown in the video) but as a database app type guy, would love to see what Avalon (and xaml) will do for building forms and browsers and the like. I would have thought (and could be way off the mark) that this would be the bread and butter.

    I am not sure I am looking at this right (Avalon/Xaml being somewhat a replacement (for want of a better phrase) for winforms and controls (perhaps a better way of describing it is a new way to define the winform/controls)). One thing (and its minor) that I would like to see, is better data binding with controls having labels that come from the label of the databinding. I.E. the classic is to have a textbox that is binded to a dataset/db field that gets the label from the dataset label.


  • Steve Millet - What is Indigo?

    How does Indigo relate to JMS/ESB? It sounds that they would be competing yet things that should work together.

    Any comments on that?
  • Vladimir Rovinsky - Demo of just released Photo Story 3

    If you like this, check out It works with moves as well and some of the stuff it does is just amazing!