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  • First Look: Windows Phone 7 Series Hands on Demo

    I don’t think Apple cares as much for, or believes in the long term. They seem to always think and act to maximize present profits at future expense. They did it again recently with the iPhone as a quasi-closed platform. The first time they did this was years ago with the Macintosh. It’s not hard to imagine that the Mac could of been the dominant PC today if it weren’t closed. It’s also easy to imagine millions more sales of iPhones if they didn’t insist on getting a piece of the providers business and leaving the door wide open for Google.


    Saw a post here on gesture copyright which raised an eyebrow. I think this would go the same way as when Apple went after Microsoft for overlapping windowing, icons, etc., They were just too public domain, and really can a single company get total control of how my fingers move  naturally?


    It's probably too late for this but wanted to add the home page UI is no doubt form following function, and is excellent, but it's not sexy, or good eye candy. Business users might look past this but you can bet my daughter won't.