Mott Mott

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I'm a senior in college, majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Computer Networks and Database Management Systems. I work as a student programmer for my campus where I work mostly with C#, ASP .NET, and SQL Server 2005.


  • Axum Published! Tutorial: Building your first Axum application

    Axum seems really cool. I've downloaded the CTP and plan to play with it. It reminds me of a model I use often where I create a C# class, create an object from it and pass it all of the important information, and then call a Start method on it to tell it to do its work in a BackgroundWorker. Then it fires an event when it's done. At first glance, the Axum concepts seem pretty similar, but it removes some of the boilerplate coding I do as far as managing a BackgroundWorker and creating and handling events. It would be nice if it can reduce the headache of marshalling events to the UI thread as well.