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I eat PR people for breakfast and make CEOs cry at noon.If its from microsoft then it's probably crap and badly made ! ( Examples: Silverlight, Office, the list is long )I tell the truth other people are afraid to even mention. definition of feedback - to give the customer a chance to send some crap backmicrosoft, giving/forcing users the bad experience for a high price (see price for windows 7)


  • Defrag: Disable Show Desktop, Hide User Accounts, Accurate Energy Usage

    @LarryLarsen: Question to Gov: What about ReadyBoost and RAM disk ? Does it work ? Should it be used ?
    I figure ram is faster then even the fastest  flash drive

  • GoingNative 3: The C++/CX Episode with Marian Luparu

    @Marian Luparu
    Using these language extensions makes the source code locked to microsoft's compiler.
    So using gcc with superior c++11 support can't be used.

    Why did you not make a COM framework instead ?

    Many companies frown upon lock-in languages extensions and stays away from them. 
    If i understand C++/CX correctly, you must it to get access to metro stuff, so companies are forced to use the lock-in language extensions..
    Did you not consider the lock-in effect or was this planed ?

  • Mike Angiulo Unboxes the Build Hardware With Us

    Nice please-like-us bribe microsoft.

    Even i want one. *Hint* I do accept bribes *hint* 

  • C++ and Beyond 2011: Herb Sutter - Why C++?

    @Glen: I didn't mean to say it's just a sales pitch. It was sort of an historical:ish overview of the c++ language's success in many areas.

    Interesting points though when ms did abandon c++ many did try to say to them what a mistake it was. I was one of them.

    Technically they didn't say "we were wrong " but they should. Pride and denial is in the way as usual.

    Herb mentions many examples of how good c++ is and with this knowledge in mind you can wonder why ms abandoned c++ in the first place. The info was there and clear even back then.

    This c++ renaissance ms have started is just to hype up the c++ language before they release new products for c++. So just another business move. It's quite clear.
    They only give c++ some love when they can make money out of it.

    I really don't like how they treat their c++ user base. Prioritizing ms owned stuff first like c#, as an example just look at what features and tools are in vs2010 and which were pushed to the next release _again_

    "I hope that is the lesson MS has learned"
    Yes we can always hope but experience with microsoft tells me they can't learn from their mistakes. They just say they have aka lies (so ppl will buy their product) and then they go ahead and makes the same mistakes all over again with a twist.

    @Charles: So you still haven't looked up the definition of trolling ? Why, it's just one google search away, sigh.. i'm disappointed in you.

    You complain about how i express myself but you do not offer up any suggestions or explanations of what erks you. You take the time to complain but not to explain what specifically erks you. Now how is that really useful to me ?

    You complain about me expressing myself "wrong", well right back at ya.

    If you want me to consider changing my how i express myself then instead of whining about it you can use that time to instead explain what erks you. It's called constructive-criticism.

    How many times do i have to explain this to you ?

    You and i have different views of what is respectful, it's cultural differences.
    Not everyone thinks like an american you do know that, right ?
    I know americans can be a bit ethnocentric and non-tolerant of different cultures / thinking but come on, please learn already, it's not hard at all.

    @Benjamin: "something he cannot possibly have knowledge about."
    You just did the same thing to me right now. How do you know i do not have this info ?
    Who's trolling now ? 
    " Surely he is aware of the GNU/Linux community."
    I guess you have never work for a company. A business just can't switch like that, it costs more money then to stick with what they have. Use google to learn more about this.
    Assumption: Your love to ms is making you blind to their faults.
    Any good physiologist would say that is most likely be a bad thing.

    I tell it how i see it and what i see is ms doing a bad job and treating it's user base like garbage and only sucks up to them, even lies, when ms needs their money.

  • C++ and Beyond 2011: Herb Sutter - Why C++?

    @Charles: Still in denial ?    Tongue Out Wink *poke* *poke* Angel

  • C++ and Beyond 2011: Herb Sutter - Why C++?

    @Glen: I'm not against pimping c++, i just think it's a waste to do it in a c++ conference.
    There's a time and a place for everything, pimping c++ in a c++ conference is not really the place. 

    The talk would fit nicely in a more general programming conference.

    Don't you agree ?

  • Ben and Ryan Explain: AMD Processors

    You make it sound like these APU's are as good as a dedicated GPU. WTF!

    That's an outright lie.

    apu's do not even come close to the performance of a dedicated gpu card.
    Yes they can play new games BARELY like 5 to 15 fps, able to run the game is one thing, the game being playable is another.

    APU's are not for playing fps games. Do not trust these guys, do research before buying anything!

    I'm guessing you get paid to say this bullshit but come on enough already  !

    Tricking people is illegal, think about that.

    "The pc guy" my *...

    If you want to REAL reviewer of computers and other hardware then cough up some verifiable performance numbers, saying something is "good" doesn't tell us anything.

    Gee! you want to make a show but are too lazy to do it right, same mistake over and over again, are you incapable of learning at microsoft ? Is it an american thing or just a microsoft thing ?

    God, incompetence and lazy stupidity piss me off ! Now i have to check my blood sugar again, damn it

  • C++ and Beyond 2011: Herb Sutter - Why C++?

    50:ish minutes of a c++ sales pitch in a c++ conference anyone else see the redundancy here ?

    All of us c++ devs, i hope, already know why c++ is so great so this talk is wasted time.

    I don't see the point in this talk, i think it's stupid in the context of C++ and beyond.

    Though i think the windows 8 devs would need to see it, at least twice.
    w8 is going down the crapper like vs2010 with all the very slow tech microsoft is yet again force feeding us with.
    Html apps using IE tech (just that alone runs a shiver down my spine), more .net bloat, etc..

    I think microsoft have adapted a basterdiced intel tick-tock schedule:
    vista (tick) - w7 (tock) - w8 aka vista again (tick)....

    You get to wonder if they do this just so they can say in next release that they have improved the speed and performance.
    Do they think we forgot they messed up the performance in the first place ?! Revolting  Sad

  • Checking In: Rick Molloy - Gone Native

    I think what serl is trying to say is: Share your experiences.
    The stuff that a book just doesn't teach sadly enough. Microsoft programmers should have some experience to talk about...right ? You've f-ed up a lot of times so you should know a few things about this and what to do to avoid it. I assume you actually have learned something from your mistakes. (I'm still waiting on proof on that though)

    "Well, we'll be supplying more code-heavy native content (STL will be back, Rick will back with some great code-on-screen C++, folks from the C++ team will teach us about what you'll be able to play with soon, GoingNative will always have code/demo content and programmer interviews, C++ and Beyond content will also appear soon, Kate Gregory presentations, etc, etc)."
    @Charles: I'm looking forward to that.  I barely cannot wait. I'll be holding you to that. Although past experience tells me to take that with a grain of salt.

    "I don't know what you're really talking about. "
    When in doubt, ask a question. If you don't understand then explain to serl what you don't get so serl can explain it to you, now is that so hard ?
    gee Men and asking for help.... Wink

    I've seen many videos of you interviewing: I remember you've mentioned before of being a programmer but you don't really seem to understand sometimes what the interviewee is talking about nor what questions to ask. Kind of funny and sad at the same time to hear you trying to come up with a question to ask and seeing the interviewee's expression of trying to from that into a question.

    You don't need a script or pre-baked questions, come on, if you're a programmer then you should come up with good questions on the fly. I've seen you ask good questions before so you can do it, just put some thought into it, don't be so lazy.

    I've got a very useful tip for you: The developers should know what is good to know when using their product. (Pitfalls and so on) So let them talk figure out what they think is important for other developers to know.

    "just don't watch my interviews, then"
    Right, because there are sooo many c++ videos produced on channel 9.</sarcasm>
    I've said it before many times, there are not many c++ videos on c9. c9 have become a more or less a PR web site for microsoft products.

    "long, conversational piece like this"
    We watch long videos in the hope that there will actually be some useful info in it. Short videos are usually less useful and interesting. Basically you can't cram good geeky detailed stuff in a 10 minutes video. Good example is STL's very good video series. he got something like 35 minutes and he barely have the time to go over all the things  and sometimes he just doesn't have the time to do it even.

    @Sert: I'll bet you 50 dollars on that your feedback have been filled in the ignore section. I get the feeling charles got sort of an ego problem so listening to negative feedback just doesn't compute for him. I and a few others have given him feed before and we have not seen any results on that so far.

    Thats not a personal attack it's just an observation. Please prove me wrong, i'd be very happy to apologize and admit i'm wrong.

  • Defrag: 4k Drive Backup, Office Add-on in IE, Forcing Aero Glass On

    "Can you force Aero Glass to remain on even if an app stopped it?"
    Actually there are ways but they are iffy and microsoft can get pissed
    at you for doing it (which is always a reason to do it.
    Give back some pain they original caused is always satisfying)

    You can hook the function(s) that the programs
    use to turn off the aero and just stub it out.
    You can also write a driver that does the same thing.
    You can also patch the program itself to remove the api calls.

    All these methods are a lot of work though and requires
    advanced technical knowledge.
  • C9 Lectures: Stephan T Lavavej - Advanced STL, 6 of 6

    @Ivan: "#include <memory> // for std::addressof() is not documented at msdn"

    My guess is that addressof is a C++0x function and technically it haven't been finalized / released yet so i'm guessing that's why its not in msdn docs.

    I would suggest you use the c++ working draft for stl stuff:

    Even so msdn docs is infamous for its poor documentation quality and correctness. You should take what it say with a grain of salt and verify with other sources.

  • Jellybeans are not just for breakfast anymore...

    Kinect Ad in disguise   Sad . Shady indeed.
    Not a very good ad/demo either. The control is iffy, sort of unstable, it looks like. Responsiveness is bad too, like the ms surface table demo: Press drag a window, lag, lag, lag.
    I wouldnt put one in my car, that's for sure.  Tongue Out
    Guy walks infront of the car, i do the stop sign, lag, lag, lag, car finally stops, the guy is road killed a few meter behind the car.

    No offense but kinect kind of looks like crappy hardware in the demo.

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