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Mr Crash Mr Crash
  • New anti-Win8 video is making rounds

    BitFlipper wrote


    There's still hope though... Once it becomes clear that very few people really want or care for the Metro UI on a desktop computer, MS can release a patch that restores previous desktop functionality. That includes restoring the Start menu as well as unfuglyfying the desktop UI again. Technically this shouldn't be too difficult and should not break any compatibility. The Metro UI can still be an option, just not shoved down our throats.

    Microsoft admitting they were wrong and lied when they said the ui had been tested by real Neutral testers.

    Never going to happen. Would be like christians admitting their religion is wrong and based on a sci-fi book.

    Microsoft will most likely lock in the users even more and try to be more controlling like apple in windows 9.

    Wouldn't surprise me if open source and hobby development were completely forbidden in w9.
    They have already made it difficult and slowed down boot up of all open source OS:s with the "secure boot" bullshit. Of course we know secure boot was only a anti-piracy measure but come on. Where was the common sense when hardware vendors were forced into this ?

    Where is the common sense in the industry at all really these days ?

    When will they realize that people that pirated windows will just move to linux ?

    This whole thing pisses me off immensely.

    I miss the good old days when tech companies were smart and used common sense.

    Who is to blame for this stupification ?

    Bosses do not listen to their employees and the company do not listen to its income source (consumers).

    How come morons are able to get into a position that can damage a company so ?

    This is the political scene all over again.


  • C++0x (vs2010) question, please tell me what i'm doing wrong

    In other words: c++ is limited in this area.
    Like i said a few posts ago.

    That is still sad to hear. Sad


  • C++0x (vs2010) question, please tell me what i'm doing wrong

    @STL: std:function still have overhead which makes it less usable for doing small things. Like using in a scope guard class or special callbacks, etc..

    Take this code and compile it in release mode / win32 and look at it in debugging.

    #include <iostream>
    #include <functional>
    using namespace std;
    inline void func() {
        cout << "func" << endl;
    struct s_func {
        inline void operator()() {
            cout << "s_func" << endl;
    template <typename Functor>
    void test_template(Functor f) {
    void test_function(function<void()> f) {
    int main()


    00301095  mov         eax,dword ptr [__imp_std::endl (302044h)]  
    0030109A  mov         ecx,dword ptr [__imp_std::cout (302068h)]  
    003010A0  push        eax  
    003010A1  push        offset string "func" (30214Ch)  
    003010A6  push        ecx  
    003010A7  call        std::operator<<<std::char_traits<char> > (301240h)  
    003010AC  add         esp,8  
    003010AF  mov         ecx,eax  
    003010B1  call        dword ptr [__imp_std::basic_ostream<char,std::char_traits<char> >::operator<< (30204Ch)]  

    test_function(func); : (called functions not included)

    003010B7  mov         edx,offset func (301040h)  
    003010BC  test        edx,edx  
    003010BE  jne         main+54h (3010C4h)  
    003010C0  xor         ecx,ecx  
    003010C2  jmp         main+65h (3010D5h)  
    003010C4  mov         dword ptr [ebp-24h],offset std::tr1::_Impl_no_alloc0<std::tr1::_Callable_fun<void (__cdecl*const)(void),0>,void>::`vftable' (302188h)  
    003010CB  mov         dword ptr [ebp-20h],offset func (301040h)  
    003010D2  lea         ecx,[ebp-24h]  
    003010D5  mov         dword ptr [ebp-14h],ecx  
    003010D8  mov         dword ptr [ebp-4],0  
    003010DF  test        ecx,ecx  
    003010E1  jne         $LN163 (3010E9h)  
    003010E3  call        dword ptr [__imp_std::tr1::_Xfunc (302064h)]  
    003010E9  mov         eax,dword ptr [ecx]  
    003010EB  mov         edx,dword ptr [eax+4]  
    003010EE  call        edx  
    003010F0  mov         dword ptr [ebp-4],0FFFFFFFFh  
    003010F7  mov         ecx,dword ptr [ebp-14h]  
    003010FA  test        ecx,ecx  
    003010FC  je          $LN163+28h (301111h)  
    003010FE  mov         eax,dword ptr [ecx]  
    00301100  mov         eax,dword ptr [eax+0Ch]  
    00301103  lea         edx,[ebp-24h]  
    00301106  cmp         ecx,edx  
    00301108  setne       dl  
    0030110B  movzx       edx,dl  
    0030110E  push        edx  
    0030110F  call        eax  

    function 'test_template' is a clear winner. Now the sad part is that you can't do this in a class without overhead because you have to store the function object which isn't really supported so you have to resort to tricks which have overhead.

    // class version equivalent to test_template
    // This should have been supported but nope
    class scope_guard {
        auto f;
        template <typename Functor>
        scope_guard(Functor f_obj) : f(f_obj) { // <- ???
        ~scope_guard() {

    function "test_template" works because you don't have to store the function object

  • C++0x (vs2010) question, please tell me what i'm doing wrong

    Well well, i've found something that looks good and doesn't use a marco, sad part, vs2010 cant handle it Sad


    Arr where's that vs2011 beta ?!

  • C++0x (vs2010) question, please tell me what i'm doing wrong

    @STL:Limited as in not being able to store functors and lambdas without overhead or workaround (you called it new trickery) "You need placement new trickery for arbitrary functors." 

    Was that what you were asking ? You're question is vague, can you rephrase the question ?

    I absolutely love c++ but it do have it's flaws like this one which i think is one of those things that have been overlooked.

  • C++0x (vs2010) question, please tell me what i'm doing wrong

    STL's ScopeWarden class looks promising.
    I'm a bit disappointed that c++ is limited in the area of functor and lambda storing.
    I wonder why they have not done anything about it.
    Is it not common enough or do people just bite the bullet and take the dynamic allocation overhead and hope the cpu's get faster next year ? 

    Somebody from the c++ group should really comment on this.

  • Windows 8 and microsoft - One i hate the other i hate even more now - this is why


    It's like the keyboard and mouse was an after thought. 

    "oh btw it works for keyboard and mouse too"

    "Windows Phone 7" - Oh don't get me started 

  • Windows 8 and microsoft - One i hate the other i hate even more now - this is why

    Oh look i found the forum. What is my reward ? (see ARM comments below)
    Windows 8:
    What i've seen i hate. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p92QfWOw88I)
    Because microsoft is focusing on the mobile platforms and is too cheap to have a separate branch for it they have forced users yet again to pay. This time with mobile bloat that for normal computer users will be awkward to use and have in their face.

    All i can say is: wtf, really!

    Most if not all normal _real_ computers do not have a molest screen and doing this with a mouse is just extra work ! Stop changing things that work god damn it !
    What happened with "a good user experience" bs you regurgitated when ever you opened your mouth ?

    • Is Windows 8 another vista (shorthorn) with a mobile twist ?
    • How much will these "features" eat up of my monthly internet bandwidth plan ?
    • Will w8 even able to function without an internet connection ?
    • I'm guessing these new "features" will increase the minimum system spec too. Kissing hardware manufacturers * again, more under the table deals ? Microsoft should have enough money to not have to resort to shady deals.
    • "We wanted to get really fast and fluid to get between your running apps". Uhm? Whats wrong with ATL+TAB or Win+TAB ? This animation crap will only make it slow down you idiots !
    • That start screen with bigger icons will become a scroll fetish. Do i even have to mention the performance penalties ? This is the start screen! Doing more is BAD. Haven't you learned anything from vista and w7 ? Like going back to windows xp or dare i say vista, having to wait above 5 minutes for all bloat / ego apps (java "quick start", adobe reader "quick start", etc..) to load before being able to do anything.

    What about this ARM thing: "Oh look it runs on ARM cpus! < awaits applause's >"
    They say it like it is hard to port it to ARM.

    (Fun game for the very bored: Count how many times microsoft employees say "ARM". The person that says it the most wins the kiss-* forehead stamp)

    My comment to this:
    Aw! was it hard ? Poor you, want a cookie ?

    Are microsoft programmers really that incompetent that they think its hard to port ?
    OR do you just not have enough news / features to show so you make a chicken out of a feather with the ARM port thing ?
    OR do you make a big deal out of it so you can ask for even more money for windows 7 ?
    Is my soul not enough for you ?

    Either way it's disgusting.
    If you don't have anything to show then wait until you have something to show !
    Is that so bloody hard ?

    Microsoft up with it's old tricks again, trying to pull crap like this.

    Should i give the EU lawyers a heads up already ?
    Microsoft definitely did NOT learn its lesson the first time.
    All the things in video #1 are just bloat. To put it short and simple.
    "We will continue to improve and increase the performance of windows" so that was yet another lie.
    All this crap is for mobile hardware, where is the stuff for the computer user ? 
    Well that was video #1. I dare you to release a video #2.
    As the less intelligent say:  Bring it "biatch"!
    I only tell it based on microsoft's actions. Don't whine to me, i'm just the interpreter !

  • When will the buggy comment control be fixed ?

    Nearly every rich editor on Earth behaves and has behaved this way -- creates a paragraph break on ENTER and a line break on SHIFT/ALT-ENTER. I've never seen anyone get confused over this until now.

    Really? it's the first time i've heard of it. It never crossed my mind to try shift+enter.
    I did know of shift+enter / alt+enter being used for extra functionallity in some programs though like craptastik windows live messenger. (That program also doesn't follow the guide lines btw)

  • When will the buggy comment control be fixed ?

    Posting in Firefox so formatting will work, sigh...

    > Can you send a screenshot of this?
    erm ohkey... 0.o

    > Who's creating a competitve HTML5 version? We're not. We're using a third-party, javascript version until there is a better (hopefully HTML5 standardized) option.

    "The work on HTML5 actually is ___similar____ to IE's approach."
    I got that impression from the quote above.

    > Good suggestion, I'll put this in as a feature request.

    So i can expect this in about 10 - 20 years or more likely never, right ? Marked as "by design" ?
    Yes, i'm bitter, blame it in previous experiences with microsoft.

    > #1 is by design. It's an option in TinyMCE to have the box grow as you type so that you can see what you're typing without having to scroll the box down

    Ok, but it is buggy, hugh text block pasted in will make it scroll way down, so you have to scroll up to see the end of the text block you pasted in.

    > If you hit Enter it creates a new paragaph, if you hit Shift+Enter it creates a line break (<br />).

    I didn't know about that.
    I think it should be flipped, for better user experience.
    Make the enter key behave like an enter key again that is what the user expects, breaking your own guide lines again ey? naughty, naughty
    Also it would be good to add such info somewhere, my mind reading ability doesn't work at that distance... Wink

    > . It would be simple to send someone to /forum/thread#lastreadpost if we didn't have paging but since we do, we'd have to do a query on each thread to see what page the last read post exists on and that would bring down the perf on the forum thread list page.

    wow i just have to say it: what a stupid design, plain horrible.


    Another Feature request: Preview comment before posting it


    Sorry about the reagarged questions and answers, the comment control was extra buggy to day and it sucked the life out of me Sad so i gave up on making it pretty