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  • BlueHat - #1: Robert Hansen on Phishing, the Bad Guys, and the Online Mafia

    I must say i love the concept and the people seem great and all but this video is the worst video i have ever seen posted on channel 9. (Granted i visit a few times a month only)

    The audio was very low (At least with my computer at max volume), one person was off screen and lots of background chatter.
  • New Role for Bill in July 2008

    Open letter to Bill Gates:

    Wow... I heard this news yesterday and it stunned me.

    Bill gates, for better or worse you have been the face of technology for me since i was a little kid (which was not too long ago since im 25) and your company/software has inspirited and empowered me become the software engineer i am today. (C# Rocks)

    To see you leave Microsoft in two years is really odd news, but I really wish you all the best in your future endeavors with the foundation.

    I must agree with other comments though, you do look a bit down in the video and we all hope that this transition while hard is what you really want.

    Good luck!

  • Mike Murray - What the guy who wrote shrimp and weenies memo is doing now

    I definitely think this video was a good investment of my time, and its inspiring to see people like this helping the world.

    I must say though that to all the young people I highly recommend that at your younger ages focus on learning and growing yourself. If you invest too much of your time and effort when you are younger into saving the world you wont have time to grow yourself, and will never be in a truly powerful position to help others like this man can because he earned a lot of money and got plenty of contacts working at Microsoft.

    As for giving to the world vs. your local community I think most people should have a 80/20 mentality. Give 80% of your time to the people closest to you and give 20% to those who are far away. Again I believe in this since if you let your community evolve and help those close to you, those people and you over time will constantly have to give less internally and will have more power to output externally. If you focus too much externally when things are broken at home you risk having issues arise around you that will prevent you from giving externally completely in the future.

    I for one try to practice what I preach by giving time and money to my community through my volunteer work with the police department and various giving’s. Occasionally I will donate to larger world wide organizations to help fund relief work and that is in my opinion a great way to work.

    To close this out I do want to add one thing, the man is right, geeks are really natural problem solvers.