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  • Auto-​Implemented Properties in Visual Basic 2010

    Isnt't the backing variable declared incorectly and violating the .Net framework guildlines that have been in use for many many years? I thought all variables should be pascal case, aka, the first character should always be lower case.

    I.e for a property named CustermerID the backing variable should be _customerID NOT _CustomerID. The ONLY time words .net should start uppercase are Properties, Events, Classes, Delegates etc.



  • Luca Bolognese: C# and VB.NET Co-Evolution - The Twain Shall Meet

    Will VB.Net get proper pointers? I sure hope so. After, all the other types are in the framework. It's a realy pain as a Vb Dev to have to learn two langauages to get stuff done. Why the restrictions?