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  • Building Great Windows 8 Apps

    Hey Robert, I'm a new to developing windows store apps and i'm trying to implement data virtualization in my application. I did a research on the same and found quite a lot articles, including msdn forums  that tried to cover the topic however for a beginner developer like me i found those article quite confusing, could you help me in the topic and if possible an episode on the same would be fantastic.


  • Part 7: Data Binding and the Sample​DataSource.​cs

    Hi Bob i have a doubt in here, i am wondering that every data in the sampledatasource (recipedatasource in case ) like title, subtitle, content, description have pretty much simple property which gets and sets the data in the respective datagroup or dataitem but not the imagepath it need some manipulation with the imagepath, now why is such happening, can't we just get and set the image string too?? . Now lets say i have to display a video in the mediaelement control and want to bind the path of the video would that require manipulation to?? How can i achieve that ?