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  • Polita Paulus - BLINQ

    Have you seen EntitySpaces ASPX Template Suite? It works on all thier DBMS systems.  It makes for a very nice .NET architecture as well.

  • Anders Hejlsberg - LINQ

    daniel wrote:
    Could someone say ORM at least once. These ideas weren't generated out of the blue.

    I agree, I watched the video too. We offer an architecture for .NET 2.0 called EntitySpaces that is strongly typed, spoon feeds you via intellisense, has nullable types, and so on, it also offers natural language queries that run without recompilation on many DBMS systems with more on the way, for example, here's a dynamic query:

    AggregateTestCollection aggTestColl = new AggregateTestCollection(); = true;
       .Select (aggTestColl.Query.IsActive,
        .Where  (aggTestColl.Query.IsActive.Equal(true))
                 aggTestColl.Query.IsActive.Ascending); = true;

    Our NUnit tests run against Microsoft SQL, Access, Oracle, and MySQL, same exact code, same exact binaries, only a different connection string. LINQ is cool, but sometimes I think folks at Microsoft think it's only real or invented if they do it ....

    Mike Griffin
    EntitySpaces LLC and MyGeneration