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  • Multi-touch .NET Library for Windows 7

    I was expecting MS should have keep their promise and MS was also promise in 2009 Tec will have similar  surface touch  api port to wpf 4 and win 7, for over 2 years,  still now, 2011, nothing. waste a lot of time to build the HW and planning new apps for its comes. I decide to use flash instead, at lease, there are more honor to  the developer, even though they might not have much money like MS to develope new features, but what is good if MS always cheat,

    Also, this video is too old, 2009, many new features now, it make it more easier and more user friendly when this video make


  • Sensor and Location .NET Library for Windows 7

    too complicate, It should be much simple than this kind of wrapper API, if I were you, I will .. 

  • Hanselminut​es on 9 - Social Networking for Developers - Part 1 - Every Developer Needs a Blog

    I am fan of your old talk shows few years back, but when I heard this one, there is sth missing, then I repeat few times, then I understand. you are no longer Hanselman, your own character, you are microsoft man. or say evangnist,  you follow microsoft bible. I think it is life, you need to make money to live  comfortable.

    I am go back to listen your old songs with your old pals, sometime old is better than new, like this case, sorry!!

  • Dare to Dream Different - Winner James Ng

    I don't  believe, I can hack into wifi/RF into your device. there all serial comm, also I know any small devices doesn't have enough power decry/encry the keys like what you said

  • A Look at the .NET Micro Framework

    Micro framework is not for real world like you and me, just for MS research development inside MS world, the cost is not important to them. they need to show what they can do, not what is the cheaper ways.

    There are many good AVR HW and SW platform out there. like PIC, Ardunio ... etc, many many time better than Micro framework