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I'm a DBA/Developer who likes to use all MS stuffs, like VB.NET, C#, SQL, XML, Web Services ...


  • Microsoft Research TechFest - Technology on the Wall

    Actually, this is my personal request and it's not related to the topic. I understand that C9 is the site with tech resources for the developers around the world. Some of us might not catch all the words from the videos here.

    So, I'd like to request to make the conversation a little bit more easier to understand by the developers who aren't native English speakers (like me Wink I understand I need to improve my listening skills, but I do wanna improve my technical skills first)

    Ok, below is the list where I gave the points to C9 guys:

    1). Rory - (4/9 - sorry Rory, sometimes you talk quite fast and sometimes I don't understand the words from your nasal sound)
    2). Charles (6/9)
    3). Anders H (7/9) (Please don't think I'm a pro-CSharp guy)
    4). Bill G (7/9)
    5). Steve B (8/9)

    You don't need to talk like the guys from BBC Learning English and VOA English lessons. But if it doesn't affect the topic and the contents, I would like to listen more clearer conversations from our C9 guys.

  • Welcome to Vista Week - Michael Wallent: Windows Vista for Developers

    Yes I know that he said But there're many links and I don't know which link I've to click. Please guide me which one has the features Michael mentioned.

  • Welcome to Vista Week - Michael Wallent: Windows Vista for Developers

    What is the URL of British Library App that Wallent mentioned? Sorry for my poor listening skill;)