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  • What is Windows Azure Active Directory?

    How do we:

    A.) - Link the Windows Azure Tenant that sits behind our Office365 environment ( with our Window's Azure Account (Owner Live ID/MS Account) so that we see and can manage it through our Azure Portal with our other subscriptions and co-administrators?

    I can log into both environments separately at:

    but can only see our AD Tenant in the AD Preview Portal.

    B.) - Delete a Windows AD tenant that has been created in the Azure management Portal? I created a test one to see what the process was with every expectation that I could delete it subsequently (no information in any documentation or set-up wizard to the contrary)?

    Further to B) above it would also appear that you can only create a single AD tenant per Azure Account, as the option to create an AD directory no longer exists. Is this correct? If so it would be helpful to have some clarity of this in the documentation. I had assumed that I could create multiple Azure AD directory environments, which appears not to be the case.