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Over 17 years of IT experience and currently works as a SharePoint system architect and engineer, specializes in maximizing the return on IT investments by creating usable business process solutions that maximize organizational productivity. Extensive SharePoint and .Net experience, including experience leading development teams for custom applications. Achieves results using project management concepts and best practice design patterns, Past projects have included site and application development using robust configuration management to deploy secure, scalable, maintainable, reliable and user-friendly systems on time and within budget. Examples include efforts for CBP, the State Department, and the Department of Transportation.


  • Stuart Kwan – On Identity and Microsoft code name “Geneva”


    I liked the concept and this is what I am looking for one of my biggest government client (*Undisclosed, I can talk more in private e-mail). How this will address application issues? for example MOSS 2007 Search requires NTLM it won't work at all and/or correctly with Kerberos. When Microsoft will start using Geneva in there own products? and have same set of credentials regardless of product(s).

    We have a mix bag of FBA, Windows Authentication, Custom providers credentials for legacy, ASP, ColdFusion, Java, Oracle and .NET web applications, I am very much interested in this product and like to understand how Geneva can help and will be used as a SSO (single sign-on) Gateway across all the applications listed above.

    Current requirement is to have a single gateway for all the applications, once authenticated in any application user will automatically access all the applications without login challenge. Security trimming will be done at web application level.

    All this question may be addressed, I will start reading blogs or material available online.

    Naresh Gupta
  • Web Development and Deployment with Visual Studio 2010

    Thanks Vishal. I hope such tools may be available as add-on to Visual Studio 2008.
  • Web Development and Deployment with Visual Studio 2010

    Thanks Vishal for sharing web deployment enhancements in VS 2010. I do have following questions, there may be a way already which is not shown in the video:

    1. How to deploy SharePoint webpart using this feature?
    2. I would like to add/replace/update the section of web.config at production server like SafeControls, namespaces, public token, version number etc. If I understood correctly from demo that package will always replace the web.config. Is my understanding correct? web.config at production server(s) may have webparts deployed by other department developers within the agency.
    3. How do you handle such scenarios as desribed in #2?
    4. How to use deployment feature to deploy site in the farm environment?
    5. Is there a way to specify the dynamic destination server name? not a hard coded destination as shown in the demo. It would be nice at deployment, system administrator will be presented with a choice of single server name or farm.

    Looking forward to hear from you soon.


    Naresh Gupta