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I'm a Junior studying Computer Engineering at Michigan State University


  • Anders Hejlsberg - LINQ

    Amazing stuff, looks like it will be very useful and thats coming from someone who has to work with SQL every day.
  • Bill Gates - A short chat with Microsoft's Chief Software Architect

    It's nice to see how enthusiastic Bill is about TabletPC.  He's right on the money about the Student Tablet PC, although his dream hasn't yet been realized (not just the price, the availability of e-books...which is why I scan my own)

    If he's right about voice recognition being on the virge of common use, then Tablet PC's are about to explode in popularity.
  • David Smith (and others) - Meeting the Interns

    MSU represent!  Actually, as big of a school as MSU is, I've seen David Smith around campus and worked with him for a short time.

    Orbit86:  I can't even imagine using OneNote without a tablet, I'm sure it still has some useful features but with a tablet it is amazing.  Although I can still think of a few improvements:

    a) lasso select, rectangular select doesn't work well with my sloppy crooked handwriting

    b) basic shape creator, i'd like to box/circle things neatly.

    c) better TIFF support.  I scan my textbooks into a multi-layer OCR'd TIFF which I can read/search/annotate in Journal but not in OneNote.

    But anyway, excellent video and I've heard first-hand from my brother that interning at Microsoft is a great experience and hopefully one day I'll experience it too.