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NateFurtwangler Nate​Furtwangler www.​natefurtwan​gler.com
  • Japan: Only 6% Next Gen Consumers Want Xbox 360

    That number doesn't surprise me since Xbox never really took off in Japan like it did in America so they are probably more excited about Playstation 3 as of right now.

    Microsoft will have a chance to show the Japanese what the Xbox360's all about this week at the Tokyo Game Show (Japanese E3) so maybe that will change things a little bit.  The PS3 sounds great on paper but I doubt it will be playable at TGS, while the X360 will be for sure.  Playing is a lot more exciting than speculating.

    I, too, would be interested in hearing from any Japanese C9'ers about how they percieve the Xbox and Xbox360 (or Microsoft in general) especially compared to the PS3.

  • Bill Gates' video - one thing I think he has wrong...

    MisterDonut wrote:
    Great video, so far.. 

    One thing, though, I think he's off the mark (and I think others might agree, or Bill needs to elaborate on) is that the vision of Students without textbooks (or better yet, with tablets) that Bill spoke of as a software problem isn't totally a software problem. 

    I'm of the belief this is as much of a hardware problem as a software one. People can curl up and study a good book. Kind hard to do that with a tablet in it's present form (yes, I own one and love it). Software is great, Microsoft. But hardware can be a limiting factor, as I'm sure you all are aware. 

    Also, convincing people to use new technology is very difficult as well. Maybe Bill address this, but I haven't gotten to it yet.

    Anyone agree? Or Disagree?

    Again - a shout out do Bill G - Thanks for making my wife's scholarship a reality! (ok.. I'll be quiet now..)

    I think Bill G was speculating about the future.  Of course, Bill's speculations mean quite a bit more than just any old speculations, he's in a position to make things happen.

    I agree that the Tablet PC will evolve over the next 5-10 years, especially as voice recognition becomes common place.  Right now most TabletPC's are of the convertable type to allow for the use of the keyboard.  With near-perfect voice recognition the average user would have no need for a keyboard.

    I think the TabletPC will either evolve into or give birth to a new generation of computers similar to the "slates" seen on Star Trek.  They would be smaller than a magazine, light, and perfect for electronic media (books included). 

    As far as curling up with a current tablet to read a book, thats exactly what I do with my textbooks this semester (I scanned them in, since publishers havn't realized a need for electronic versions of their books).  But you're right that it's not as natural or comfortable as it could be.

  • Decent menu in Avalon

    footballism wrote:
    NateFurtwangler, I just get a "Net Timeout Error" Message when I try to open the link you provide in Firefox, please fix it.

    Hmm, just tried it in IE and Firefox, worked fine for me.  If you're still having trouble with the link just go to www.natefurtwangler.com and its the 2nd or 3rd item down.

    Also, it's up in the sandbox here on C9 (probably a page or two back)

  • Decent menu in Avalon

    footballism wrote:
    As an extra question, I think the default look and feel of menu in Avalon is quite ugly(some sort of traditional windows look and feel), how to spice it up? for example, if I wanna have the menu in Avalon displaying in Windows XP style, how can I achieve this?

    I recently made a Radial Menu in Avalon which of course is quite different in both style and function from a regular "traditional" menu, so you might want to check out the code for that too if you plan on getting in much deeper than a simple skin.  It's in the Sandbox here on C9 too.

  • C9 Zero Tolerance - 3 strikes you're out?

    Rossj wrote:
    I actually think Jamie is right. I don't think it is so much the foul language, but that you have to wade through tons of crap to get to the interesting bits.

    If you haven't seen a change in C9 in the past few weeks/months then you've probably not been here long.  Ask anyone who has been here over 6 months whether the C9 forums are now better or worse than before, I think most answers will be negative.

    C9 is losing valued contributors with interesting and relevant things to say because children are allowed to treat the forums as their personal playground, with no boundaries on the amount of abuse being dished out - see the thread where Orbit threatens to set someone on fire for example.

    As for Jamie winning a debate, it is starting to be a long time since I've seen one on C9, so he hasn't had the chance - they may be there but they get buried beneath a lot of crud, insults and general childishness.

    Okay, I'll get off my soapbox now.

    I agree with you Rossj, there has been a serious lack of intelligent discussion here on C9 as of late, one of the main reasons I havn't posted much.  I still check out the forums almost every day and in the past I'd usually make a few replies to interesting topics, but well...it just doesn't seem like there has been very many as of late.  Although I can't really say I've contributed much in that department lately (been busy with school starting back up) so maybe there's other reasons for the lack of interesting discussion besides obnoxious posters.

    As far as banning goes, I think the current guidelines that Charles uses will work for the most part.  No good forum is free of obnoxious posters though, it comes with the territory.

  • blogs / scoble and channel9

    Jamie, I like your idea of having a blog for a profile.  Right now my profile links to my blog on Blogger but I see no reason why I couldn't post all that stuff on a C9 blog.

    Plus I'm looking for a new free blog host since Blogger doesn't support RSS (It does, however, support Atom).

    To be honest, most of the time I read Robert Scoble's blog posts are when they are referenced from a C9 discussion anyway...makes sense for him to make this place his home!

  • Tablet PC Demo

    600 page books dont go away in college either Smiley  However, you have to own the book to scan it so unless you buy your books for highschool I wouldn't recommend it.

  • Tablet PC Demo

    >>Check out The Student Tablet PC blog. Tracy Hooten, one of the two students who runs the blog, recently posted a comparison on how to do this with both Acrobat and Microsoft Office Document Imaging (included with Office like a lot of cool utilities most people never seem to discover).

    Actually thats where I found out about book scanning.  I heard about the Student Tablet PC blog from your podcast!  I went with Microsoft Office Document Imaging because I don't like using pdf files (they always seem so slow and have bad ink support).  Like I wrote before, basic details can be found at my blog but check out the Student Tablet PC Blog for detailed explainations. 

    Just for a quick reference, my first book was 300 pages and took about 2 hours and was 16megs when finished.

    XiXoria:  It fell out of my bag so there was nothing protecting it.  It landed in the upper left corner so I was worried about the LCD being shattered but it was fine.  Like I said, it only had a small scratch on the paint on the corner.  I'd say it was about a 4 foot drop on to cement.  Maybe I'm just lucky but I'd say thats pretty durable.

  • Tablet PC Demo

    I have had a Toshiba Protege M200 since January and love it.  Its perfect for the student.

    Some tips that I've come up with:

    -Use OneNote to record lectures.  It links your notes to the lecture.  i.e. if at 15:20 into the lecture the instructor is talking about Dijkstra's Algorithm, I write "Dijkstra" and when I put the stylus over the word i can click play to hear the lecture at that point.

    -If you have a scanner, scan your books!  Its not as hard as it sounds, see my blog for details.  Once it's scanned you can read/search/annotate it all on your tablet without ever having to carry books around.

    -Get a convertable if you can, I do lots of programming so having a keyboard attached is a must.

    The M200 is very durable too.  Mine fell out of my bag when I was walking from class and landed corner-first on concrete.  There is a small scratch on the paint but other than that you'd never know it happened.  Not that it will ever again. (ALWAYS make sure your bag is properly zipped! Smiley )

  • Unified GUI...

    I wouldn't worry too much about professional applications as there will be interoperability between Avlalon and Windows Forms.  Just because it's written in Avalon doesn't mean it HAS to look unique, it could still use all the standard windows forms controls and regular windows.

    However, I agree that there will be a slew of lower-budget, smaller applications that will make me want to barf when I see them.  At the same time, with a good, creative designer on the team there could also be a slew of lower-budget, smaller applications that will amaze me with their visuals and intuitive interfaces.