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NateFurtwangler Nate​Furtwangler www.​natefurtwan​gler.com
  • .Net vs. C++ :: Cast your vote!

    There's no reason to vote for one or the other, atleast without a context.

    As far as .NET making less capable, lazier programmers, I think thats not true at all.  A programming language should not determine the characteristics of a programmer, it's just a tool.  Perhaps you could argue that .NET allows lazier, less capable programmers to write (bad) software easier, but it has no affect on good or even decent programmers.

    C++ is the language of choice for all CSE classes at my school (Michigan State University) so I get lots of exposure to that.  Thats the main reason I choose to do projects on my own in .NET, giving me exposure and experience to both C++ (from school) and .NET (on my own).  I think both have a place in software engineering.

    Besides, techinically you can program in C++ under .NET so the question doesn't even make sense.

  • HELP: WinFX over LH7074

    According to my Google results, that book was published in January 2004, and therefore is outdated.  Avalon and the XAML syntax it uses has changed quite a bit since then.  Make sure any examples you are looking at are no older than May 2005 since thats the last release of Avalon with major syntax changes (particularly in styles).  Older examples may work, but they may be outdated as well.

  • Xml Question

    PaoloM wrote:
    Processing any file incurs in an overhead. The issue is to define the acceptable tradeoff between performance hit and easy of maintenance/compatibility.

    People use XML because it's very very simple to parse Xml documents in every system using standardized techniques. Yes, it's a bit slower, but then raw binary sector read from the disc is faster than anything else

    Agreed, it all comes down to interoperability, if there's a chance that another program or machine will be using the same data as your application (or data used by your application) then XML is a good choice because chances are whatever technology that the other program uses will also have XML support making it easier to integrate your data.  If you create proprietary file formats it may be easier to process but it becomes much more difficult to share data,  especially when you consider the existing technology and standards (XSLT for example).

    However, XML isn't the solution to everything and unless your going to be injesting data and/or sharing data a proprietary format could very well be the best solution.

  • Avalon (WinFx Beta 1) "​Digital Ink" samples / TabletPC SDK

    I have WinFX Beta 1 RC installed on my computer, is there a point to upgraded to WinFX Beta 1?  Did they change/fix anything or just re-name it to go along with Longhorn Beta 1? 

    Also, while using WinFX Beta 1 RC and VS 2005 Beta 2 I tried using Stylus events such as "OnStylusEnter" with an Ellipse but got no results (no errors either).  I have a TabletPC with the latest TabletPC SDK installed but I thought Avalon itself had native Ink/InkEvent support?  Do I need to be running Longhorn (Vista, whatever) to use Avalon's Stylus events or am I mis-using it to begin with?  Or maybe it's newly supported in Beta 1...

    Sorry if thats a bit off-topic but it reminded me of my Ink attempts with Beta 1 RC

  • XPath support in .NET1.1

    According to Dare Obasanjo (worked on System.Xml classes) .NET will not support XPath 2.0

    Here's why:

  • Custom Control for Avalon: Radial Menu

    Here's a custom control for Avalon Beta1 RC that can act as a radial menu, or even just a radial container for that matter.  A basic explaination and the source code (along with the control's .dll) and a couple more pics can be found at my blog:  Nate Furtwangler

    I've provided a demo for those of you who can run Avalon Beta1 RC applications, it's definitely better to see it in action.

    As with any experimental project, there are a lot of things I would do differently now and if I had more time.  Also, I found a couple limitations within Avalon (property triggers can't initiate an Action and event triggers can't set properties) which affected the way I did a couple of things, although I've recently learned that most of my gripes have already been addressed in the next version of Avalon, so thats good to know.

    The control does not have to expand to a full 360 degrees, that is user defined as well as the Radius and StartingAngle (the Demo binds these 3 properties to sliders so you can play with them and watch what happens on the fly).  With such customizability the control could be used in a corner, an edge or anywhere else.

    I think I'm going to write a Code Project article on how I made it so people who want to make custom Avalon controls will have a tutorial to follow.  I had a hard time finding much info on the subject that wasn't extremly basic or vague.

  • With RSS coming in LH/WinV - how about ​"​posting&quo​t; tool ?

    I agree, I used to use WordPress when I had my webserver running but due to circumstances (moved, no longer have a static IP) I can't have my webserver up.  And since I'm on a college budget I use the free Blogger.com for my basic blogging needs.  But if your serious and have the resources by all means look into WordPress or if your really ambitious take a look at Community Server (formerly .Text) which has even more features, but is not as easy to set up in my opinion.

  • Beta Lemmings

    JScript wrote:

    If "lemming" brings to mind blindly following the leader over a cliff, or whatever: an urban legend (therefore, terribly ironic); what would be a more appropriate term for that behavior...  "beta-tester"?  ("Lemming" isn't actually in my thesaurus.) Really though, why the resounding fanfare (for no apparent reason)?

    Well there are a number of reasons people want to beta test so badly.

    To name a few,

    a) New technology is exciting and seeing it a year in advance is a privilege

    b) A developer can start learning the technology before its released so when it actually is released they are ahead of the curve

    c) Developers could start a large project during the beta phase and when the product leaves beta and is released the project will be nearly complete.  A few minor tweaks and its ready to go.

    d) Some people actually want to help create a better product and beta testing is active involvement.

    There are more but those are the ones that I usually think about.

  • With RSS coming in LH/WinV - how about ​"​posting&quo​t; tool ?

    I also use Blogger. Con, but they don't support (yet) RS.... I believe MSN spaces does.

  • Avalon ​questions/s​uggestions

    I recently found out that Microsoft knows about the first issue and has an item to address it, so maybe we'll see it possible in the next release.

    The second issue (conditional values in triggers) seems less important but I think it should still be considered.