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NateFurtwangler Nate​Furtwangler www.​natefurtwan​gler.com
  • Ink Posts

    Hey guys, I have a TabletPC running WinXP Tablet Edition 2005 SP2 and I recently installed the Tablet PC SDK v1.7 so I could post on Channel9 with Ink.  However, it still tells me that I have to come back when I get v1.7 of the SDK. 

    Have any of you had a similar problem or have any ideas as to what might be preventing me from using Ink Posts?

  • Avalon Custom Menu Control

    I'd like to create an Avalon custom control which behaves like a menu, but I'm having trouble finding any documentation or examples pertaining to the creation of a custom control in Avalon.

    I know I'll need to derive from a control class, either MenuBase or Menu and go from there.

    I tried experimenting a bit and found that if I derive from Menu the custom control behaves exactly like a menu (not surprising) but only if I comment out the ThemeStyleKeyProperty.OverrideMetadata() call that VS puts in the constructor by default to over-ride the base style.  If I leave the OverrideMetadata() in, the Style is supposed to be definined by a seperate .xaml file called generic.xaml which defaults to displaing a border around the ContentPresenter with the background being bound to the control's background property.

    This all makes sense to me, however when I leave the OverrideMetadata() in I can't get anything to render at all!  I get no errors or warnings but nothing shows up.  Simply commenting out the OverrideMetadata() call allows the custom control to render just like a Menu.

    Any ideas on where to look for more information or do any of you guys have experience with doing something similar?  My ultimate goal is to make a menu whith a drastically different user-interface, so the way in which the menu renders is very important.

  • Simple Avalon Weather Forecaster

    Thanks for the encouraging comments guys!

    Peter, you're definitely right about the blue.  But like you guessed I did this project to practice using Avalon/XAML/DataBinding and spent very little time on the style or the UI.  My next project will be highly style oriented because I want to get familiar with Avalon animations and really exploit it's UI potential.

    Shaun, thanks for bringing ink replies to my attention!  I've had a TabletPC since January and I've actually never seen an ink-enabled forum before.  I'll have to get that set up soon.

  • Roll call - tell us who you are!

    I'm Nate Furtwangler, a Junior at Michigan State University studying computer engineering with a software emphasis.

    Most of my programming projects for school are done in C++ so I spend time on my own writing programs in other languages.

    I currently work at Matrix doing web programming, and I have recently been experimenting with Avalon/XAML and .NET with C#

    I hope I can get some input from you guys to further grow my programming abilities.

  • Simple Avalon Weather Forecaster

    I had some spare time this weekend and wanted to experiment with Avalon and databinding, so I wrote a simple desktop weather forecaster which gives basic weather information for most cities in the world with data provided by weather.com's webservices.

    It uses a mix of XmlDataSource data and a custom WeatherSource class as data sources which are bound to various controls and updated accordingly.

    In accordance with the WebService agreement I provided links back to weather.com and a weather.com logo which I hope I implemented correctly (the requirements were pretty strict)

    As mentioned above, I did this in my spare time over the past couple of days, so not a lot of emphasis was put toward user-interface or style, I was more concerened with getting/presenting data with Avalon.

    I learned quite a bit about Avalon and XAML in doing this project, and there are LOTS of things I would do differently now, but the end result works like I hoped and it would be very easy to add information and features (data visualization?) later.

    Right now it displays the current weather conditions and high/low temperatures with weather condition "icons" one day at a time with the ability to look 9 days into the future.  Of course, weather.com gives much more data than this but from a coding perspective it would have been redundant to have it show all the data.  The city can be changed by clicking on the display text of the current city.

    I've uploaded a zip of the C# project (I used Visual Studio C# Express and Avalon May CTP) but the .exe can be downloaded here: http://www.msu.edu/~furtwan4/WeatherClient.zip if you just want to see it running (assuming you have Avalon May CTP)

    Let me know what you guys think!