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  • The Katana Project - OWIN for ASP.NET

    I watched this the other day, went and download the Kanata tooling. Then went to get started and found myself asking what is next? But, within a few days of searching the internet and nuget I got a little application up and running with SingalR, WebApi, Branching, Auth., Nancy. I am still blow away by how amazing this is compare to the same application I crated a year ago that used the same components and was much more involved.

    I would recommend more videos on the components on the Kanata roadmap (Auth, Branching, etc). As well as writing your own middle ware. (My Response Timer middleware took lot longer to get up and running then I would have liked)

  • SilverSprite - XNA Games in Silverlight

    Well that’s just the best thing since sliced bread....!