Ned Pyle [MSFT]

Ned Pyle [MSFT] NedPyle


Niner since 2014

• I am a Senior Program Manager in the Microsoft Windows File Server development group • I've worked in the IT industry since 1997 • I was a Sergeant in the US Marine Corps infantry (0341 81MM Mortarman, hoorah) • I was born in Annapolis, Maryland but moved to Illinois when I was five. I grew up in and around Chicago for the next twenty years • I moved to North Carolina in 2000, met my lovely wife Lisa and lived there until 2012 - I now live in Seattle, Washington • I've travelled to Germany, the Netherlands, England, Scotland, Canada, the Caribbean, Mexico, India, Australia, Spain, and Italy. • My previous role was a Tech Lead within the 3rd tier escalations for Directory Services. • I've taught new product training within Microsoft and am a MS Certified Masters instructor • I was the founder and editor of • I am currently working on the next version of Windows and own Storage Replica, DFS Replication, the File Replication Service, Scale Out File Server, and SMB.